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Vigil Crashers

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There is definitely a need for a Vigil/Funeral Bouncer.

So - updates.

Good news: DH received a distress call from SIL, who was so angry and pissed and stressed out. Toxic Troll was getting in the way, and so was Feral Forger. When they were tyring to change pads for MIL, they were right there, in the way.

Because they have RIGHTS.

DH yesterday, actually told her no, do NOT come. I was so proud. The first 2 days of the vigil, he would leave earlier than he wanted specifically because SHE was arriving.

Last night, she did not go, and he stayed almost until 11, and was very, dare I say, happy. I went home early, and he stayed and helped out and buzzed around his family. All was going fine. Munchkin was happy as well. She feels awkward and embarrassed with her mother there.

Bad news: I received a text from Munchkin that her mother is going to arrive and stay, and heck with what DH tells her.

Its all about HER of course and no one wants her there, and she doesnt care and doesnt get it.

And everyone is too nice and gracious to say anything.

So, DH will leave early again...and Toxic Troll and Feral Forger get to hang out and trample around.

I am hoping and praying that Toxic Trolls 2 cars BOTH blow up and/or get flat tires today. Please, if you pray, pray with me.


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Oh wow, the audacity....our bm acted similar at my FIL viewing/funeral...ridiculous!  They try to stay relevant  and pretend they cared so much.

I mean how many times now has she seen MIL now that she needs to keep coming back?  I really feel strongly about this you know. I wish somebody would say something 

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Toxic Troll - She has seen her 2 times in maybey 6 years.

Feral Forger - used to take care of her on weekends, but in the past 3 years went no contact.

Im thinking of taking advice about the police...anonymous tip.

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It's insane that no one has said anything to TT. What a family of wimps. In your place, I don't think I could stand to be there any more. I'd consider my duty to MIL complete, and stay home for the remainder of this nonsense. Show up for the funeral, not before.

How's it going between you and DH? Maybe I missed a blog or an update....but wasn't he threatening divorce a few days ago? That's another wrinkle to this that would make me less interested in spending time with his family right now. 

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Tension was high, and we talked it out.

Feral Forger come to find out, went for a drug test and failed. He took her, because he needed to see what was up. Could have just been weed. Acid and mushrooms were talked about.

So we are good. No divorce. I promised I would not give him a hard time about his relationship with her, and he promised trasnparency.

His older sister is quite the spit fire, and is going to speak up, tonight. Shes got all the balls in the family.

Some of the younger ones I dont think they know about Toxic Troll cheating and being abusive. They havent seen her in over 6 years.

They like Feral Forger, but dont know of her abuseiveness either, or her accusations. She pretty much ghosted everyone, but as munchkin laments, they still want her back. Forget about the stealing and lies, the bulling.


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I'm a b!tch and would call the police. My DH knows that if he passes before I do, BioHo is banned from his service and will be removed if she has the audacity to show. We have a fair number of friends who would be happy to not-too-kindly show her the door. 

Sorry, CLove. Sounds like that entire family has jelly for spines. 

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will mention something.

As soon as munchkin texted me, I texted HER, because she is vocal and has the nerve.

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I'm the same kind of b!tch. Also, Dh isn't going to any funeral on BM's side. Over my dead body! (Pun intended.)

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Give me the number to the Sheriff's office. These Beotchs needs to scram. This is totally inappropriate. 

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I should notify them!

They are friends of DH, who grew up in the same town.