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Update (hopefully the last)

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If you've been keeping up, I disappeared for awhile.

I did give my wife to the boot out of the house awhile back, I'm not sure how long ago. Since whenever my last big post was.

She never filed for custody, never filed for the divorce, and was very apologetic over the whole situation.

Since it was several weeks that she was out of the house, I decided to ask something of her to see if she'd really bend. She didn't strike me as the type to bend, especially when it comes to her child. I asked that she attend anger management, and that she also have her daughter evaluated.

I was kinda awestruck when she did it. Her weekly classes are ongoing, and her daughter was referred to a doctor and over time, was diagnosed with ADHD. (From my understanding, I didn't attend.) I know that she was given a prescription, and is now like a little zombie, (or a normal, well behaved child - however you want to look at it.)

She came home with me during Thanksgiving and left her daughter with her parents to celebrate the holiday. Things went well. Bickering, but no major arguments. She's at the house now sick with the flu. Here's to hoping that another massive explosion doesn't happen. My lawyer told me that I was going to get bent over anyway (Not exact words, but he may as well have just told me that.) if she had decided to file for custody, regardless of DV or a violent child in the house.


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Wishing you a positive outcome that works for you. It's great that you took control of your life and taking steps on living it in your terms.

Cheers to new beginnings and living your best life!

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Make sure she is forced to look at her alienation of the father of SD, too. Maybe then she will think differently should you two divorce.