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OT - asking for a favor

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STalkers, I know there are many compassionate people on here and am asking for a favor. Here is a link to a news article about an 83yo widow in my area and it breaks my heart.

The favor I'm asking? If you could find it in your heart to spend a small amount on a card or writing paper and stamp and mail this lady a Christmas card or a Thinking of You card or any little note to put some cheer in her day, I would truly appreciate it. 

It's already Winter here and not easy for some folks to get around - especially the elderly. This is a tiny town and it's lonely when you're pretty much bound to your small business (and sometimes have NO business) AND are depressed from losing your beloved husband.

Mrs. Nancey Withrow
Adventure Motel
1372 13th St. Hwy M26
Mass City, MI 49948

Thank you and God Bless.


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I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. I was going to ask my youngest to draw a picture for her, because he truly enjoys it. Her lost husband and my youngest share the same name, Donald.


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Ah bless you, Aniki!!
For your kindness, sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

Christmas card is ready  to go, I only need to get a stamp for it tomorrow and pop it in the outgoing post.

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You have such a soft heart, Ani!  You said that she is in your area.  Do you happen to know her?

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Susan, I have never met her. Some of our family lived there, but that was over 45 years ago. I've driven by the motel countless times over the years and always thought it looked/sounded like a homey, welcoming place. 

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You show such kindness. My English is not best but I will send a card. Blessing to you Aniki.