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An update was asked for so here it is

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So BM got back a few minutes to six o'clock. Took until almost 5 o'clock for her to text my bf back with the time he could pick his daughter up. My bf is keeping his daughter until the morning on Monday to make up for the time so at least that is good news. 

On the drive from BM's to home, my bfs daughter told my bf some information that is rather interesting. Sounds like they took a trip back to the state they are from which is a 12 hour drive. Also sounds like BM drove her mom back to her home and left the BM's oldest daughter with her. Not any of our business anymore, but seems quite interesting. Was not really any drama between yesterday's blog and my bf getting home with his daughter so that's nice at least. 


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Thanks for posting.  I'm glad it was drama free and that your SO gets to spend time with his daughter.  That is good news!

Does BM have any support system locally?  I agree with Tog that she wanted the free weekend. 

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Good update - he handled the situation well. I'm glad she didn't just keep her away entirely (which is what BM here would have done). 

You've said before that you knew BM was planning to move away, is this part of that plan? And of course she left the oldest girl with her mother, how else could she have a child-free weekend, since your SO won't take the older kid.

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glad everyone is safe and settled:) thanks for the update and enjoy your weekend:) I think it worked out very well and I agree with tog, how else could she have a child-free weekend 

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Wow. A 12 hour drive to obtain a child free weekend. Must be some kind of weekend plans! 

That's a super long drive for a young child. Hell, it's a super long drive for me! She should have let your bf get the child early, instead of subjecting her to a car ride that dang long.