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all quiet

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Well I have been quiet because since I disengaged my life has been alot easier, I dont ask and I am not told about anything in their lives.

But I would just like to share a funny one, I was text last night to inform me that they as a group have decided that they no longer wish for me to be in their lives [disengaged 3 years ago, who no contact at all since then] as i am not inteested theirs.

I think that they finally got the hint*ROFL*


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yes, and its coming up to christmas and they are trying to make me feel guilty as they have finally realised who the present buyer is. i think an £10 amazon gift card each wasn't the best gift they recieved last year.

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This is hilarious, and reminds me of one time when a message came back from NPD BM (must have been about 7 or 8 yrs ago, when the SDs were still coming EOW) - saying that I needed to "make more effort" to be interested in the SD's  lives etc.  This after a number of yrs of serious PAS on her part - the brass neck on her had to be experienced to be believed!!!  I had been disengaged a good 5 yrs or more when this incident happened.  I think she and her daughters eventually got the message that I wasn't the slightest bit interested in any of them. 

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Haha! Now that they have realized that you are not about to chase them and beg, it's THEIR decision to cut YOU out. Classic.

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Funny isn't it.... You've been disengaged for 3 years and they ALL decided as a group that they no longer want you in their lives. Too late, been there and done that.....these kids are not even worth the effort to reply. They are a non m@tha f@ckin' factor.

Head up and go about your day, so not relevant.


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I would LOVE to get a message like that. 

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You know the boat load of money.   Christmas season has started.  Trying to guilt you into great gifts for themselves.  
part of disengagement is those texts should not matter to you.  Just shows how low they will go. Only took three years to figure it out 

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There will be no reply from me I have disengaged, just waiting for the hubs to make a comment - he is still wanting to play happy families