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Why does every blog I love get DELETED??

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Everything from the Vaccines post, to the Swim Mom post, and today the Locked In The Bedroom and its sequel: Locked In The Bedroom Part Deux With Special Guest Star Disney Dad!  

Each of them GONE... right when they were getting good! WHY people!? Don’t run away! Stick around and  talk to your fans! 






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Sometimes I wonder if some.. like this most recent wife/husband duo are posts that are created soley for the purpose of trolling.. or proving some point being argued on another post.

I seriously doubt that the original "bonus mom" (hate that term actually cried to her husband that people on the interwebs were being "mean" to her.  When actually most people were either asking her questions... or telling her that she should be careful because a man that locks you away in a room in your own home isn't really much of a partner.

If it was true.. .that poor woman appears to be paying all the rent/utilities for him and his kids.. while being told to stand on the sidelines whenever the kids are there... not something a "wonderful partner" would do.

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Yep.. woman comes on..posts a blog about how she feels like an outsider in her home.. how she had to be locked in her bedroom when the kids came over for visitation..hearing her SO laugh and play with them while she was in the room.

That.. the divorce dragged on so long that 3, 7 and 9 year old kids were asking them "when is mommy signing the papers"

People asked her a bunch of questions.. then she comes back and posts a "you people are not supportive" post.. then her "disney dad" husband comes on and says we are all bitter old hags who must be horrible people for making his little pumpkin cry.. and how he holds her up..when she is breaking down sobbing over her life.  that she pays all the bills while he saves for "the future" and disney trips.

then that blog went away too...

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Ah. I saw her blogs (and commented on her first one), missed his. What an awesome guy!

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He is amazing.. he is so supportive by holding her sobbing body... when the entire reason she is breaking down is his

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Yes, where was his concern when she told him that her "heart felt like it had been through the shredder"?

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Damn!  I gotta start checking back in around here.  You KNOW the fun I would have had with that, right, hereiam??  Smile

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The funny part was that hubby thought the first blog had been all about the Disney trip and wifey being nervous about going with all the kids... when in fact, wifey hadn’t even mentioned the Disney trip in her first blog! Her blog had been about much more significant issues. I wonder if wifey, when she went crying to Disney dad, was totally honest with him about what exactly she’d posted here that had caused such concern and questioning.

I noticed that once people realized that this was the locked in the bedroom lady.... Disney dad stopped responding and arguing with us. And soon after that... Poof! 

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Totally agree!!!

I mean this is an anonymous site, just leave them up so I can pop my popcorn and have fun reading!!!

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I feel like I have a pretty "fun" story because BM is mentally ill and does some seriously crazy (and kinda funny things), but I have to take them down because they are so specific! I'm always worried I'll get caught out.

That said, I was reading the post OP is talking about riiiight as it was deleted and I was so bummed to miss the rest of it. I love that other people have crazier stories than I do. Even if they are made up, I guess.

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My biggest concern about the months she spent locked in the bedroom: I certainly hope she meant that the door was locked from the *inside* to keep the skids out. Not that she was literally locked inside and truly couldn’t open the door. 

I also hope she had an en-suite bathroom in there!

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I was a little skeptical about the 'Disney Dad' jumping into the ring and posting in her defense. I would never dream of telling my DH that this blog even exists let alone say 'Hey - this is my super secret anonymous screen name and look at all these horrible people who think I'm nuts for putting up with this BS'. I didn't read all of his response but it seemed so strange that a husband would find out about it so quickly and then create an account just to clap back. I didn't get the feeling she was literally locked in the bedroom - more like she was purposely isolated because the BM/DH didn't want her being part of the kids lives while the divorce wasn't final yet. Which, call me crazy, seemed like an awfully drastic measure to take, but whatever. 

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I always miss the good ones...

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Right, everytime I start to get my popcorn and wine and settle in, BAM gone! I was so disappointed!

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I don't believe the "I'm living a double life" was real. IMO, it was a complete fabrication designed to grab attention. Period. 

Frankly, I am suspicious of any outlandish post and a bunch of hours-old newbs who jump in to the poster's defense.

School is back in session. Do we have bored SAHMs???

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It was quite creative and dramatic. I'm going to figure out how to use the "heart through a shredder" line in real life. It was my favorite part of the whole post. Let me see, who in my life, would buy a line like that?

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I still have the post available, but not all of the comments.

A 3yo asking Why doesn't Mommy sign the divorce papers. Riiiiiiiiiiight. That's when I knew the post was BS.

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Copy and paste pleease!

I need to get smart and start saving the good stuff too, when I suspect it will soon disappear!

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Sounds like something a butcher might say .........

"For $4.99 a pound got some nice ,fresh heart through a shredder for your fall meal planning needs".

A breathy Julia Child~ " Today on the French Chef we are making "coeur déchiqueté aux champignons" and that is shredded heart with mushrooms and to start we will pass this fresh beef heart through a shredder ~ after I take a nice deep quaff of this excellent Bourdeaux..Bon Appetit!

Yes,blame this comment  on LOTS of muscle relaxants..and I am damn sad I  missed that original post ..

But that troll will be back someway,sometime  in another persona ...they never really leave as they are  addicted to the prose drama pot they stir so well.




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I wonder if tommar is still here creating these outlandish fairy tales--but someone certainly is lol

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Painful and sad.

I don't remember tommar/tomatoe being so wordy...

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Tis the season for T R O L L S and supposed newbies posting sensational stories filled with drama and pearl clutching. 




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Is there a school for GUBM HoBags who make  drama filled sh!t up ?

I thought they all just shared their manipulative crap ala hive mentality.


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Let me preface this with the fact that I did not read any of the beloved missing posts.

I have deleted a few of my blogs here and there simply because they contain enough details that someone who knows me could figure it out if they stumbled upon the blog.

One or two others, I deleted long ago because back then I didn’t know I could delete individual comments, and some STalkers got ugly, and I don’t like ugly.

It’s as simple as that.

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I do think that the post served a noble purpose.. it allowed a lot of SM's to actually "confront" a full on Disney without endangering their own marriages. hehe

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Meh. I don't believe that was a real DD. I think it was either one person with two accounts or two people in cahoots for sensationalism