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Little Idiot’s recruiter contacted DH

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Today the following text appeared on his phone:

"Good morning Mr. DH. My name is Recruiter  and I am Little Idiot’s Coast Guard recruiter from Cleveland. I've been attempting to contact her with no luck.

Could you please have her call me ASAP. Thanks in advance."

She drives me nuts



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Now she is saying “something really serious happened to her that shouldn’t have” and “it’s hard to say it over. text” wtf???

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but based on your posts: did she make these statements before or after you/your DH contacted her about the recruiter trying to find her?

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Doesn't your DH think that if something that bad happened, she would have told him right away? And if she says she wasn't planning on telling him (embarassed, etc.), why tell him in response to a message about the recruiter?

Is your DH anosmic? Does he lack the ability to smell so he wouldn't be able to tell this is fishy?

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Good gracious this girl is never going to COAST GUARD.......She' actively avoiding these phone much as these kids are on their phones what excuse can she possibly have...............blows my mind!

Dash 1

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Lol she can run but she can't hide forever. I'm sure he will figure out a way to explain away her completely brushing them off.

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So what does that have to do with the recruiter??

Is that what she is telling the recruiter so she doesn't have to/didn't show up when she was supposed to?


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Let me guess.  He believes her despite no details provided, no previous indication that anything was wrong, no police report made, and the suspiciously convenient timing.  He wants to defend her honor and believes this explains everything.

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That cell phone are now a body part.  Like they never leave the hand.  But they don’t answer your text. And you are going to think, they just miss it.  Or they are just blowing you off. .??    I go for blowing you and Coast Guard off

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Update: Just saw this kid’s picture. Apparently he is 18. Looks like a 10 year old. Her mom and her best friend are aware. Best friend and LI are still friends


ETA 17 not 18

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Isn't that the standard excuse now for essentially everything?  "I was sexually assaulted but I never reported it and I couldn't possibly press charges at this point but I still can not do what I am expected to do and everyone must cater to me endlessly."  If someone actually WAS assaulted then they have my endless sympathy.  But a claim out of the blue that excuses them from whatever has been hanging over their heads coupled with a refusal to take any action makes me call bullsh*t every time.

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heck she’s been lying about her recruiter being uncontactable, hubby should have caught her on that lie since recruiter contacted him, after all the other shit and lies she pulled, its an insult to genuine rape and sexual assault victims if she makes this shit up.

has li made a police report or will she make an excuse “no i just want to forget about it” or “I don’t wanna ruin his life”. Ding ding ding should ring in your head she’s full of shit making this allegation up

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Update: she has just said she does NOT want to go to the police and “be called a liar” because “they won’t do anything anyway”

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You should text her and tell her that you have already contacted the authorities down there because after all #MeToo, you are there for her sister and won't let this little rapist go free!

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To grow the eff up and open his eyes at this never-ending saga. She is even trying to destroy an innocent persons life with that accusation, how dare she!!

its people like her that end up destroying the motivations for people to report rapes and sexual assault.

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I have no idea how you can not explode about all the utter bull. Honestly, your husband buying her crap would throw me over the freaking cliff!

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Ok, "Sexual assault" she saying rape? If not, this traumatized her to the point of not returning the calls?

At the risk of appearing insensitive, I call bullshit. This girl has tried everything to get out of the Coast Guard. Just say you don't want to go for the love of God!!

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She has the potential to damage someone's ENTIRE LIFE with this lie (we all know it's a lie). There is ZERO way I would EVER want to see her, or hear about her EVER again if she follows through and really makes this a thing.

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Why would she need to admit it was rape?

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Sorry “admit” was the wrong choice. “Confirmed” would be a better choice

ETA wrong choice of words. Sorry, I’m just reeling from all this.

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 OH my goodness.

Sorry about all this.



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Jut wow.

Feral Forger tried this too. She accuse her mothers BF at the time TWeedle of "watching her whiel she slept", and then her 70-yo uncle of forcing her to try on bathing suits that were too small. She was trying to make excuses for behavior and conveniently didnt report to anyone.

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Little Idiot seems to have a problem with the truth, as evidenced by the fact that she told your DH she was trying and trying to reach her recruiter without success, yet the recruiter (who has no reason to lie) in fact has been trying to reach her.  As for the rape, I almost hope she's lying, because I'd hate to think any girl has been raped, but the whole thing sounds fishy to me.  Someone needs to have a chat with her about how she can destroy someone's life with false claims of sexual assault/rape.  Unfortunately, I doubt anyone will.  Her parents seem like enablers.  God bless you, OP, I don't know how you can stand watching this train wreck.

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give the recruiter her cell phone, BMs cell phone, and current address(es)?

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she will be Skunk Ape Jr. with a career in Welfare Queenery and CS harvesting through a series of rape claims and wallet,  errrr I mean "father" shopping.