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I wish i had my own place

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Im puppy sitting this week and just got the puppy today. The skids didnt know she was coming today but figured it out when they got home from school since we had dog food, leash etc. I only have to work for 3 hours so I put her in the crate in my bathroom safe from the skids until DH gets home...not that they are animal torturers or anything but she is scared & overwhelmed. They cant take her out without a harness & leash and she is quick and will bolt for the door so without an adult I want the puppy put away. They beat DH home by less than 20 mins. They can wait, right?  Nope!

After being told by DH on the phone NOT to go in my room to check for a dog, they opened the door and went in my room. Then they made some sorry excuse...well we went in there before you said we can't..well the rule is you cant so you either broke the rule or you asked and when DH said no broke the rule anyways and then lie to his face that they already went in there. I want to take the puppy and go elsewhere but honestly I have nowhere to go. My mom wont put up with an untrained puppy.

Im so pissed but I like to run things by the rest of the STalkers before I confront DH. He did nothing not even acknowledge the lie or the rule breaking because he doesnt mind them in our room. I didnt mind my kids in my room when I was single but if I shared a room with a spouse I would expect them to respect that space as my spouse's. Maybe if DH was to live like a single dad and not be considerate of my feelings then he should be single.


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but most children would be very excited to have a puppy in the house. You can’t really blame them for that.

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They are 12 & 11 and claim they are old enough to stay home alone so they should be able to control their impulses.

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I think that puppy might fall into that "attractive nuisance" statute that pools fall into.  That.. there are things that are soooo enticing just by their very nature that people will be more inclined to break the law.. even normally law abiding people.

I think that the kids need to be reminded of spaces off limits.. and tell them that they knew better and that they need to not let their excitement over a dog cause them to do the wrong thing.. when they know better. 

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If a child falls in to a pool and drowns because they have no rules or boundaries or not afraid of consequences. I dont care what is room. They arent allowed in without permission and if it was up to me Id sau no every time. They dont need to come in to say goodnight every night bit they are so afraid of dying over night they all have to begin, end every day & conversation with fake i love yous

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I get it. I would be upset too. SD and SS never listens to anything we tell them either. It is exhausting. Once we had Christmas gifts in our room waiting to be wrapped. We told skids don’t go into our room and did not say why. Well of course they did. We found out because SS got excited about a gift we were going to give him.

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I would return things if that was my kids but DH would just say oh well you saw it go ahead and take it and then say I want to get them a few things for Christmas morning since they already saw all of their presents.

I still don't want to lock the door with a puppy up there in case of an emergency but i am getting a camera soon.

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After being told by DH on the phone NOT to go in my room to check for a dog, they opened the door and went in my room.

Puppy in room or not the kids were told they are not allowed in the room. They broke a rule and need consequences and to be reminded to respect your space. Yes puppies are cute and are like kryptonite to some but it still doesn't change the fact that the kids still did what they wanted to do and ignored a request. Can't keep making excuses for kids because theirs a cute puppy in the room.....rules are rules.


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Thank you!!! Dad was on the phone and said NO. They still did it. Why? No consequences but DH had consequences. He had to listen to my wrath. Of course he twlls me Im right and he did make the boys read last night instead of tv but after 30 mins of reading they shower and back to doing whatever. Reading shouldnt be a punishment but DH is an idiot. I got the kids THe Outsiders from the library. Thats an awesome book, not a punishment.