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Step daughter stealing from our 1 year old

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I have a 10 year old step daughter who stays with us every other weekend. A few months ago she was caught trying to steal a little doll from our daughter, she was told off and gave it back, after our resent visit I've noticed another doll missing. How do we approach this? Her dad doesn't talk to her mum and the dolls gone now so no seeing it in her bag, I keep thinking I could be wrong but our children are only 1 and 2 and I know where everything of theirs is. I've looked and looked and it's nowhere to be found. I know it's only a doll but stealing is wrong and a 10 year old that's already been caught out should know better, plus I don't have the money to replace stolen toys! I did think it was strange that she came with 1 bag of things but left with 2! 

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How was she caught trying to steal? Like was the doll in her bag to go back to BMs? Does this 10 year old have dolls and toys of her own at your house?

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Her father should have a conversation with her about stealing and how it is wrong.  That is something you need to nip in the bud.  I would suggest searching her bags before she leaves.

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I've just read this post, and I read your other post. ( titled "Stepdaughter spoilt by grandmother".) In your other post, I read what you said in your response comment further down the thread, and I was shocked. 

i have 5 words for you:   YOUR CHILDREN ARE NOT SAFE

You said that you don't have family for 150 miles. I don't care. Get your kids into the car and drive those 150 miles. 



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The previous doll that was stolen was found in her bag, this time she left and her bag wasn't checked, I've been poorly since last week so not on top form of checking her things. I think a lock will be put on the toy room and her barred from now on. She does have her own toys here and has lots of toys at home so no need to steal from my children, if she wanted it she should have asked. I'll have a chat with her dad later, fingers crossed he'll do something about it 

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No, but don't you remember what else you said? That she deliberately put wee-soaked knickers under your son's pillow?   What did you do about that once you found out ? Why the hell did she do that?

I read something around these forums a while ago, about a SD who was putting rat poison in the dog's food bowl. 

Do you want to wait for something like that to happen ?

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My one year old would be upset if someone took her comforter rabbit. So if this was my stepdaughter  I certainly would hide some stuff when she comes over. I find the back of my wardrobe a good place to stash a few small items. If you hide stuff and it still goes missing then perhaps your other half could have a word with her. She is ten, she should know better.

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She's definitely old enough to know better. I would make sure to search her things before she leaves. Shoot, I would probably even tell her myself that if she steals from my kid again she will never step foot in my house again.

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Time for complete pat down and rifling her bag before she leaves for BM's.  Each and every visit.  She set this requirement with her fist theft and confirmed it with the continued disappearance of your children's belongings.

Sticky fingers deliver an existence of misery until years of  corrected behavior have passed.

Zero tolerance works. Use it.