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Last day of summer

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Last day of summer and the skids go back to school tomorrow. Yay for school. We can have some sort of schedule and no more child care $$$.

Last May I literally dreaded the day that summer came. Im a nanny to 2 spoiled rich kids 14 & 12 years old, as well as a step mom to the skids SD17, SS12 & SS11. I dreaded the summer like I was going to the electric chair! I was going to be working 20 hrs a week with the spoiled kids and watching the snotty skids on the other days.

The summer was worse than I could have imagined and not because of the skids. I have 2 sons 24 & 23. My oldest had a car accident and has been out of work for 3 months. We thought he'd be out of work a few weeks with a concussion but now they are calling it a traumatic brain injury and the symptoms are not disappearing as the drs expected. He has confusion, light headed, headaches, nausea and also anxiety/depression symptoms from the head injury as well as the situation would give anyone anxiety but I guess a brain injury can cause depression even after the concussion symptoms subside. He lives about 3.5 hrs away from me and I spent the summer driving back and forth to help take care of him. He lives with his girlfriend who is a saint.

My youngest got sun poisoning from falling asleep at the pool...FOR 3 hours! He ended up with flu like symptoms and dehydration so bad he was hospitalized overnight. He is very active and works out a lot and normally drinks a good amount of water. He over did it with the water consumption after becoming dehydrated to the point that he made himself sick and was hospitalized for 3 more days. His dr called me at 7am on a Sunday(Im his emergency contact) and said he had some lab results that were concerning and he couldnt get ahold of my son his phone went straight to voicemail. Well Im 12 hrs away and can't get hold of him either. So the dr called EMS to do a wellness check on him. He was sort of missing for a while and his doc thought he could be in danger but because of HIPAA rules he couldnt share too much. He said he had already kinda crossed a line by talking to me at all but he felt he needed to get him care quickly. Turns out he was missing because he was in the hospital but he left his phone at home which was shut off. It was a scary hour or 2 not knowing where he was. Apparently too much water can cause dangerously low sodium levels which can cause kidney damage, heart damage or even death. Wtf.

The moral of the story is the skids antics should be low on my things to worry about list. Yes they can be assholes and my husband is a real piece of work sometimes but if God or the universe was trying to teach me a lesson this summer it was well received. I didnt spend much time with the skids this summer due to traveling to see my sick children...oh I also had to go to Seattle for a week for a close family member's funeral. What a great summer! The sad events put some perspective on what real problems are. My step life has its sucky moments for sure but I think calling it stephell is exaggerated since I went through bio hell with my kiddos this summer. Im sure I'll get pissy and refer to it as step hell again.

I havent had much time to visit this site much this summer so, my old steptalk was your summer? Im going to have to viait a few blogs to catch up.



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Sorry to hear that your summer was imploded!! Glad that it seems your sons may be on the road to recovery!

Any way to work in a weekend escape for yourself?

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The kids going back to school is my break. Ill get back to my workout routine. Im kind of a home body and would like to enjoy some time at home

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Sorry your kiddos got hurt like that - very serious stuff there!!!!!

You can read all about my insignificant rants, but to save you the trauma from boredome, suffice it to say:

- Eldest SD20 Feral Forger was recently 5150'ed by her mother of the year Toxic Troll. Things escalated after FF poked TT's eye, and TT grabbed her by the throat and body slammed her. There was some check forgery before that, where FF stole MOTY's checks and cashed them. OOPS>

- SD13 is now officially overweight at 5 ft 160lbs, yet TT seems to think its normal and has taken to "dropping by" with sugary snacks for Munchkin. See blog Mail-gate

- Just saw the Rolling Stones last weekend!! whoot! Great concert.

- MIL went to the hospital for a week. shes doing well at 97.

- Got pre-approval for home loan. Working on that now.

- Still love my job, things are good with DH. Celebrated first anniversary, with a small interruption from Munchkin.

- Munchkin is a full-fledged TEENAGER now! Shes moody and cries over EVERYTHING. Im finding it easy to not take it personally.

Hope your bios get better and nothing else happens to them!!!

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I do remember the check cashing. Some things never change! Munchkin should not weigh 160 lbs at 13. Im sure it does nothing for her self esteem. You can be a good role model and offer healthy choices but if TT isnt with you she's against you. Sounds like things are ok for you besides the things you can never change.

Honestly my summer could have been worse. My son survived the accident with "only" a concussion. The other one was sick & inconvenienced by his illnesses but learned a few lessons. If he hadnt taken himself to the ER the night before the dr called, he may have been worse.

Being a parent never ends.

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Hope your bio kids are doing better!! You make such a good point of seeing difficult situations in a different way when confronted with serious life threatening issues of our loved ones. When my SD23 forgets to acknowledge my presence after 12 years in her life, I remember the good things I have in life and I'm thankful. I hope you get to cherish your kids and be in a good place emotionally and mentally!!