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What are your Pet Peeves?

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I heard you still go thru "cycles" even post this damn surgery, so maybe this is PMS, maybe it's because DH is gone and it's just me and SS19 with no buffer, I don't know. But I came home early today, I did too much yesterday and just hurt and every where I look I want to scream! It's simple freaking stuff!

  1. Put your cereal box away.
  2. Dont open a new box until you finish the first
  3. If there are 2 milk bottles in the fridge, open the one with the earliest expiration date 1st
  4. EMPTY or 1/2 Empty water bottles everywhere!
  5. He has one chore. The freaking dishes at night. Do the freaking dishes!
  6. There is a laundry hamper in the bathroom. Why are the clothes next to it and not in it??


Ok, those are all the ones that stuck a nerve within 3 minutes of being home. What are your pet peeves?

I am going to build a fines list for offenses. We warned him. Now it is time to pay up. (Of course this is going into his scooter fund that he doesn't know we have! But I want him to take it seriously.) 


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I have alot these days but main ones that are driving me to feel insane are....

1. Do NOT use my bathroom....especially the shower.  Actually do NOT even enter into my bedroom.

2. Do NOT take food upstairs and just lay in bed eating it and using the floor as your trash can.

3. Do NOT pour yourself a drink using the largest glass you can find and then FILL IT UP TO THE TOP....drink a total of 2 sips out of it....then leave it sitting there until I toss it.

4. DO NOT TAKE my phone charger from the wall beside MY BED. PERIOD. This causes to me think horrible thoughts about you

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No kids in my bedroom! That is like a hard rule for us! And if any kids stole DH's phone charger they should just hitch hike straight to Mexico. Lol!

Phone chargers and loud eaters are about the only 2 things that make him lose his shit! Lol

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The kids don't enter my bedroom unless I am in there and they are talking to me or asking question or they ask to get something (we keep the teeth picker things in our bathroom). We actually have a lock on our door for we are not home. This isn't something they did specifically, but stems from when we had a babysitter come to the house. My parents locked me out of their room, so we just continued doing that. Plus, we don't want them "snooping" and finding things they shouldn't. Shok

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I'm a naturally anxious and anal-retentive personality anyway, so I fully realize I notice things other people don't.  But living with skids who are on the complete other end of the "scan your environment spectrum" is rough.  Things that drive me crazy:

  1. Everything you mentioned.  Well said.
  2. Dribbles of pee left on the toilet seat.  If I can wipe myself every time I go, SSs can take moment to wipe up their pee off the toilet seat.
  3. Spills left on the kitchen counter.  Skids don't want to use a sponge because they think it's "germy".  I told them we use anti-bacterial soap in the kitchen and I rinse it constantly, so the sponge is guaranteed to be cleaner than the cell phones they hold in their hands all day.  I then told them there are definitely poop germs on their phones.  Use the freaking sponge and clean up the dang spill!
  4. Shoving a paper plate with food on it into an overflowing trash can, face up so it smears food all over the lid.  OMG...why is this not obviously a problem to them?  Oh, that's right...they don't clean up the mess!
  5. Candy/gum wrappers, straw paper, and boogers "hidden" everywhere.  After 6 years skids should know I WILL find them.  They must find it amusing to tick me off.  That's my verdict on that one.


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Ahhh! The trash can lid!!!! Why???? I swear I have to bleach it every time the trash goes out!!!

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OMG that trash can!!!!!!! These people over here just continue to pile trash on top of the trash can in the pantry even if it's over flowing....then if it doesn't fit on top they toss it on the ground next to the trash can....oh wait my DH does this as well.....I find probably 10 or more pieces of trash on the ground every time I take the trash out....and yes of course I am the ONLY person out of 6 fully capable people in my home who takes out the trash.

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Put your clean clothes away.  Dont throw on your flow, and then dump a full load in the laundry two days later because you are too lazy to seperate the clena from the dirty

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My BS13 is the worst at this! Drives me nuts!!!! Like, really child?? You wore a hoodie in the middle of July? Why am I washing this?? Ohh... because you didn't feel like putting it away so you just throw it in the hamper.

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Dishes in the sink when I get home from work.

Empty toilet paper roll not replaced.

Noisy people when I'm trying to sleep.

Pee on the toilet seat, BUT the only cretins who did this were my ex skids. I have my own bathroom now, so no longer a concern.

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SS17 has been gone almost a year so thank goodness I do have to deal with anymore 

1.  Eating every snack and leaving just one.  There are TWO other people.  At least leave TWO.

2.  Empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls

3.  Using my products!  Do you really need to use my expensive cream, masks, scrubs on your young skin?

4.  Taking the freaking backs off of all the damn remotes!  What the hell?

5.  And where are all the freaking batteries from remotes?

6.  Using all the brand new bathroom towels and piling them up in your room until they stink.

7.  yes yes the WATER BOTTLES!!!  Everywhere

8.  Every pair of your shoes in the living room. Nope nope nope!  Bedroom only!

9. 45 minute showers

10. listening to your father having to tell you 1,001 times to do something.

Wow I could go on forever!

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So much of this is stuff that kids do when they fail to "engage brain".  They need to make the transition from "child" who parents care for to an adult that knows how to live independently.. ie.. don't leave crap all over.. clean up after yourself cause mommy aint gonna no more etc..

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  1.   When my SS13 literally hangs on my husband.  Hangs his arms around his neck.  Sits in his lap.  Good grief, kid!
  2.   When my SD17 fails to close the garage door - which opens directly to our home.  How hard is this?!  
  3.   When both SS13 and SD17 eat like animals at the dinner table.  Licking knives.  Flinging their food around on their fingers.  Just awful!

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This brings back memories. Thank God the SKs do not live with me any longer. However, I still have some pet peeves and SD30 manages to continue with them during family gatherings.

1) SD still pushes her plate away, gets up from the table and leaves everything for someone else to tend to. OMG! How can she not see that EVERYONE else, including my niece's three year old, toddles up to the sink with his plate?!!! EVERYONE except for her! It drives me f*cking insane! She's always been very royal and believes that she's sooooooooooo superior that she just doesn't have to do the things in life that everyone else has to do.

2) SD will demand that any family gathering taking place between 2 and 3 pm on Sundays be rescheduled. The reason is because she does ZERO food prep and has all of her frozen meals delibered at that time. She won't even cut up her own piece of fruit. It's bloody disgusting and pathetic. When she was with her BF, he'd come home from work and cook for her just like Dadddeeeee use to, because she won't do ANYTHING for herself.

3) At 30, SD still races to get the seat beside Dadddeeeeee at family gatherings. It's to the point that DH's entire side of the family gossips about SD. She doesn't talk to anyone else. She just sits there with a f*cking look on her face like a two year old who is acting shy. OMG! Luckily, DH started to get up and wallk away and sit beside me.

4) SD will vacuum her apartment once a year and her vacuum cleaner will smoke. She'll record it and send it out on Snapchat to show how filled with cat hair it is. Everyone laughs and no one calls her out for not vacuuming in a year.

The pet peeve that drives me the craziest out of all of them is:

5) why the hell does no one else see what I see? I just don't get it. Why can't people see SD not only walking away from the table and leaving her shit, acting useless and helpless, malingering and being so manipulative. Why? Why? Why? I do not understand!!!!!!!!!!!

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That is so freaking frustrating.  I often wonder why it is that I...the one person in the house who can't openly point out anything without being labeled a witch... am the only one who sees this stuff lying around, left undone, or left behind?  It drives me nuts. It's like, how the h@ll do you all get through your days without leaving a trail of trash, spills, lost or ruined items, and ticked off people?!?! 

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1. Do NOT eat upstairs in your bedroom (my boys are the main culprits of this habit).

2. Stop leaving your laundry in the dryer (it is supposed to be out my 9 p.m. on the designated laundry day)

3. Don't leave dirty dishes in the sink; put them in the stinking dishwasher

4. Do not leave empty wrappers all over the coffee table/end tables

5. If you spill something, clean it up!

6. FLUSH THE TOILET! I don't care if it's only pee, flush it and put the damn seat down so the cats don't drink out of it (yes, they are nasty like

7. Respond to my text message no matter how "annoying" you think it is. The phones are glued to your hands and faces; you cannot claim to have never seen it.

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I started texting SS pictures of his toilet filled with piss and threatening to clean it with his toothbrush! 

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If I knew exactly which child did it, that would work! The only sure sign that SD was the culprit would be TP; maybe.

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1.  overbuying EVERYTHING--failure to check and see if we already have an item

2. buying on impulse at the grocery store 

3. never putting anything back in it's right place

4.  (consequence of #3)  never being able to find anything and re-buying (I SWEAR we have eight wet/dry vacs of various shapes and sizes)

5.  not taking care of his tools or equipment; everything is disposable

6.  having 3 containers of open mayo in the frig (this is what happens when Chef is in charge of cooking and the kitchen)

7. leaving a full sink of water for dishes to "soak" in (overnight, etc.)

8.  soaking my cast iron pans  (ARRGHH!)

9.  never picking up laundry on the floor (just drops it where it lies)

10. uncontrollable repetitive sneezing after meals (yes I know this is hereditary)

11. insanely loud snoring (recorded it on a snore app and it went to "epic" several times)

12. points out pet messes for me to clean up 

13.  lock the door when you leave (it's a push button lock for god's sake--we live about  15 minutes away from a crime pocket)

14.  don't leave the keys in the ignition nor your wallet in the car with the doors unlocked.


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I hate to say it but hearing DH on the phone being all lovey with SD when he has not heard from her for ages and it always ends up that the reason she is calling is to ask for money.  DH swears up and down that he is not letting her move back in but he has gone back on his word before on other things regarding her.  SD lives a pure party lifestyle and I can easily see her calling out of the blue with a sob story of being kicked out of her apartment.   That is going to be an ugly scene because I will never live with that b*tch again.  I wish I could just unclench at some point but I don;t see it happening any time soon.  Sad

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Pet peeves in general: not closing the toilet when they (males in my house) are done; leaving dresser drawers hanging out and cabinet doors open; borrowing (usually mine) the charger and moving it to another place in the house; saying “I can’t find it” but I can glance in the general direction of where they’re “looking” and see it. Note this apply to both my child, stepchild and husband equally. 

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Our kitchen is galley style- so long with cabinets on each side. The kids will go in and open every freaking cabinet. It always looks like a tornado just went through. WHY DO THEY LEAVE THEM OPEN!?!? I swear I walk through 2-3 times a day just closing all the cabinets!

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An in general pet peeve, and one that has always applied to skid, and still does, despite DH swearing up and down she’d outgrow it is — food waste (and picky eating).

I hate it with a burning passion. If I can avoid going out to eat with skid - I will. Luckily, this summer I managed to avoid eating ANY meals with her, or her in close proximity to me.

I loathe the way skid always goes for the most expensive entree on a menu. Surf & Turf? You betcha. Nevermind skid doesn’t like seafood and will push the steak around on her plate before she eats all of two bites. Then has the freaking audacity to tell the server she’s done and that the server can take her uneaten entree, before someone in the dinner party yells they’ll take it home with them.

Then skid orders the biggest dessert, because OF COURSE she’s still hungry, and daddykins let’s her. Then we all watch skid ravenously scarf down her dessert.

Every. Damn. Time. 

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All 3 of the boys will start with the most expensive item. BS and both SS's. I will calmly scan the menu for another similar option and offer that. Thankfully DH will agree with me and say things like- OK, choose one- Surf OR Turf. Or can't order 2 full meals, pick one. Sometimes with SS14 we will offer to get the other item if it was something like that and let him have a few bites (but that is guilty parenting still creeping in- however with as little as we see him, it doesn't bother me. At least he brought it back to reality). 

BS13 will often go for the biggest bacon cheese burger concoction on the menu. He doesn't like all the other stuff on it though. I have to say, order a basic cheese burger and add bacon. See you just saved $5 on your dinner. Thanks! I know teenage boys can put away some serious food, we don't deal with waste but I am not trying to spend $200 on dinner for the 5 of us. COME BACK TO REALITY CHILDREN. 

OH! SS19 -- Last weekend we went to Mellow Mushroom. He always wants the BBQ chicken pizza. I was craving the one with jalapenos and ham and pineapple (YES! IT BELONGS ON PIZZA! lol). Anyway, I said what I wanted and SS goes," well then, I guess you are just going to have to order 2 then!". I said "OK, great, so you are buying tonight!" -- HIS FACE! You would have thought I slapped him. Then he much more meekly said, well maybe we can do a 1/2 and 1/2 and I can pay some of it.-- I of course declined to have him pay but he needed a step back to reality moment - the world does not revolve around you kid!

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Wait is this in general or for skids only?  LOL.

1) Dishes not done and piled in sink when there's an empty dishwasher RIGHT THERE.  I have been good about ignoring this mess and only doing my dishes for about a year or two now.  I will move the 'not mine' dishes out of my way.  IF generosity strikes me I may do them every blue moon or so.

2) Not wiping down the counter. There's constantly crumbs and spills and food remains all over it.  I clean it up the vast majority of times.  This happens in our bathroom too.

3) If it hits the floor it's "disappeared" apparently. I am the only one that cleans the kitchen floor and this drives me mad. I've recently been putting all dropped food on the stove (since I don't cook most of the work week) and thus, DH has to rightly deal with it.

4) Random clutter.  It's ok for a day, but after that, PICK IT UP!  It's messy, it's everywhere.  It's DH!

SD13 is really not the issue - however, she will not generally help clean and has no regular chores. DH does not enforce this ever.  RIght now, most of the windows in the living room have greasy forehead and hand marks all over them where SD13 leans on them to look outside.  I've told DH to clean it up 3 days in a row. We have company coming tomorrow. If I have to I will hand him the window cleaner and paper towels and tell him "Right now, clean it!" 

This is also why I have a housecleaner come every other month.  So I don't lose my mind.

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For anything and everyone! 

I can add some from my receptionist today!

1) Read. Just read it. I promise I am not setting you up for failure. Just read the email before you ask me dumbass questions!

2) I CAN NOT LIFT MORE THAN 10LBS. Please just lift the damn box and put it on the shelf. It isn't that heavy, I just don't need to go to the hospital for tearing stitches today! 

3) Stop and think about it before you come running down the hall to ask me a question. Just think first.