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Secret To Living To 100

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(for ladies, that is)


Google "women older than 100 secret"

No kids and no husbands...just an array of admirers

As Kate Hepburn used to say "a man in my life, not in my house!"


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There is a widowed woman with children in my mother's Senior Living Community who is 103. Sharp as a tack, still walking, dresses up for dinner in the dining room every night.  Lovely woman.

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Haha I just commented on another blog about how if I ever got divorced I’d just stay single and play the field lol

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Yeah I saw that ..don't get married..EVER..

Maybe the key is to   surround yourself with good,loyal  friends, get a couple  lovable dogs or cats or both..maybe a

AND drink good bourbon ,  whiskey or wine....



My grandmother  lived to be 101..grandpa died when she was in her 40's ..

She said that he was a good man but too fussy. I think she was too much of a lady,woman of her era ,to say she meant he was a douchebag.

She really enjoyed her dog,her garden and her vino..and her freedom.