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Getting the popcorn ready

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Im so excited for Little Idiot’s big reveal I can hardly stand it. DUH was running his mouth (again). This time it was about the cops. He’s under the impression that all law enforcement officers should have to serve in the military so they don’t become trigger happy morons. He believes that the military teaches discipline and properly trains law enforcement officers far better than any ride along college course ever could. 

Plainly he was making a comparison to my younger brother who is studying to be a police officer (bad) and his daughter who is going into the CG (good) with the plan of eventually becoming a police officer.

I cannot wait until he eats his words in a few weeks. 


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How do you know about "college" but he does not? Or, does he still think she's gonna go CG and is just getting accepted ahead of time?

This is like a really sloppily written soap opera. Or like the guard in Austin Powers who stands yards away from the steamroller yelling "nooooooo" instead of using the 15 minutes he has before it gets to him to run.

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Her secret social media accounts. She knows her dad isn’t very computer savvy. 

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That’s a doltish “argument” for him to make, as they’re cut from the same cloth. Data shows they equally carry the risk of churning out “trigger happy morons.” Also, PTSD, alcoholism, and high suicide rates. 

Does he always talk out his arse?

This is going to bite him in the rump and I hope you have a front row seat.


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he knows deep inside that LI is a POS so he feels compelled to make himself feel better about the situation by putting others down.  You sure his name isn't "Chef?"

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Time to pick up a giant jar of mayo to spread all over those words  your DUH will have to eat.WAIT!! Make it habanero  sauce! LOL

And I am waiting for you to do your "Tooddle-oo" trick ..




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In the military you are taught to train shoot on site CLOSER to most police force who are taught to "wing" someone in a situation. There's a lot more gray area in local law enforcement and of course mortal wounds are not the answer

I hope you keep your fire Almost ( or as I call you the marvelous mad madam mim in my head)

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So your DUH believes you need a gun to enforce the law?
Preferably militarily trained as normal cop training is  less effective in his opinion?

I live in the UK and most of our cops not are armed -  they enforce the law, they don't play tiddlywinks.
Carrying a firearm as a cop is voluntary here, subject to regular training and retraining plus psychological assessments.
There is also a belief HERE, in general, the less militarised the police are, the better they are at POLICING...
(My SO is a specialist firearms officer and he is subject to training, fitness assessment and psych assessment every three months - probably also to see if he is a "trigger happy moron".)

By the way, I think your DUH is trying to talk up LI because she is a moron, no matter what.
Your brother is on track to actually become  a cop, but SD is still going to the CG in the same way that I am on track to reverse age...
I honestly don't know how you put up with the idiocy and pipe dream delusions from people around you for so long.

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Please ask your DH if his a$$ ever gets jealous of the $hit that comes out of his mouth.  Inquiring minds want to know.

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OMG. This is gold!

i have a friend who will love this. Gonna have to set up a conversation where I can say it to him. 

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Little Idiot is not going to CG when the heck is he EVER going to realize that........

Dash 1

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He probably already does realize that on some level, though he doesn't want to admit it out loud.  I'm waiting for the excuses to start as to WHY Little Idiot didn't go into the CG - something wrong medically, they wouldn't let her go into the specialty she wanted, etc.  It's not going to be some failing LI's part.

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LOL No thanks, Duh. Our police departments are militarized enough, and too many cops view citizens as "enemy combatants" the way it is now. They need more training, to be sure. But I somehow doubt turning our law enforcement into an arm of the military is what the country needs right now. Can you please smack this jackass?

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Yes!   We don't need cops to be more militarized.  The mindsets should be different as the population they interact with is different.  

Anything to prop up LI, though.