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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Haven't had one of these for some time!

I am thankful for:

  • today being Thursday. I thought it was Wednesday. Nope! One day closer to the weekend. Woo hoo!
  • Wild fruit. We'll have a TON of apples this year. The deer are gonna eat GOOD this Fall/Winter! And wild blueberries will also be plentiful. While not 100% ripe, there's definitely enough to make some blueberry pancakes this weekend! Nom nom nom...
  • my job. It's been SO crazy the last several months. Hell, this YEAR. But crazy means busy and busy is a good thing.
  • DH. He's hardwoking, generous, and kind. No matter how tired he is, he always makes time to make me feel beautiful, sexy, loved, and wanted. Plus, he's got those man hands. Puuurrrrrrr..........
  • my cooking skills. It's a blessing to be able to throw together a new combo of ingredients and seasoning/spices, somehow "knowing" they'll taste good - and they end up better than expected. I love to cook!


What are YOU thankful for?


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Those all sound wonderful Aniki. Today I am thankful it's my Friday and that by next week we will be in August and that much closer to fall.

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I am thankful that I’ve spent seven hard years turning my work department around. We’ve changed nearly every process and procedure. Introduced technology. Improved workflow. Got rid of dead wood. Made good hires. 

And I realized just this morning that it’s all working! Is it perfect? No. Never will be. 

But damn. I’m proud of this. 

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Hola Aniki!!!

I am thankful for Summer days & nights.

I am thankful for awesome friends who know just what to say and how to make me laugh ROFL

I am thankful for paid vacation and being able to get away, disconnect, and be in touch with nature.

I am thankful for Smores....whoever invented this is a genius and they give me LIFE!

Have a great day StepTalkers....

That is all!!!


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Hola Siempre!!!

Tell me: how do you cook your marshmallow? Barely singed? Golden brown? Burnt to a crisp? I luuuuuuuuv to turn my marshmallow into a flaming torch. Nom nom nom...

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Ummmm.... I'm thankful for...

  • Cute puppy
  • The gym
  • Whoever invented running tracks... MIL tried to twart my gym time yesterday, so i took the girls to one, then I ran and they played in the middle. Could see them the WHOLE time. So whoever invented those. I LOVE them.
  • The support I've found from people on here, I need it some days.
  • Work friends (except the two who BOTH are taking two days off and just happen to be the two I'm closest to... UGH)
  • That DH is good at his job and won't ever be unemployed (though he's too good and his boss is currently trying to bribe him into staying after he graduates... With everything... Except decent money....)
  • Tomorrow is Friday. I can make it.

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They are!!! Now if I could just get her to stop popping holes in water bottles... LMAO

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LMAO. No! I have a case of waterbottles in the kitchen! I came home yesterday to holes in ALL of them and a GIANT puddle of water EVERYWHERE!