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Awwwww Peace and Quiet

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Ok Gang....admit it.  There is no better feeling in the world than when your skid walks out the door to go to BMs.  It’s like a huge boulder gets lifted off my chest and the sun shines.  I swear I hear birds singing in the background!  

Even though I like my YSS...there is still no better feeling than those seconds after he leaves!  


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I used to do mental handsprings when I saw the back of their pointy heads get smaller and smaller as Chef drove them up the driveway back to the mothership.

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Did you tell people that they were from France?  :)  (Let's see how many old people are on here today.  LOL)

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they weren't coordinated enough to do the ring toss.

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I was thrilled when my own kids went to camp, gramdma’s house or moved out, so raise that to the power of 10 and you’ll know how ecstatic I was anytime the skids left.

It’s nirvana to no longer be a step mom.

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Every once in a while, my bios would go visit their maternal grandparents for a week or so during the summer.  As much as you love your kids you need the break!

Personally when the skids went up the driveway, I was wishing they would never return due to their god awful feralness.  But that was on the Gir and to a lesser extent, Chef.

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Loved the ring toss.  And the vacuuming!  I realize it is not "The Cone Heads" but remember the "Bass-o-Matic" and "Jane you ignorant slut?"  Can you imagine how THAT would go over these days?  People's heads would explode.

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teenagers at home now but I still feel the same way. When they have plans I am just so content lol! 

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Lol yes, I remember the feeling well.  A huge sigh of relief and I didn't even mind clearing out the filthy knickers and used sanitary protection left in their bedroom after they'd gone, as they wouldn't be back for a whole 2 weeks.  

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The 2 youngest skids leave for 48 hrs hrs twice a month so when I hear them coming back i wanna throw up in my mouth knowing we have to deal with the toxic detox and it will be another almost 2 weeks before they leave again....12 days on 2 days off.

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Facking LOVE IT!!  We have SS16 full-time so any time away is bliss.  He's been gone since the last weekend of June.  Returning this weekend for 3 weeks then off for the whole month of August.

Can you say HALLELUJAH!!!!


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I wish I knew this feeling. I’m with bio mom. We have full custody. We get a few hours on Sunday when the kids go to church with the grands. I wish I knew. 

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Stepdemon isn’t allowed here 100% ever again. He is still here too much. I deflate in relief when he’s with Biowhore.