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Update to my last update: CPS

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The other blog had so many comments on it so decided to write the new update on the new blog. So those of you who said because there is no formal dates/times were correct. His lawyer said because there is no written agreement or court order, neither parent can be charged with parental kidnapping or witholding, although it does not look good for her to deny him access when CPS has not issued a protective order which they would of done if they were convinced that he abused the children. The more he asks and she denies him access, it will just look worse on her. So she could potentially keep the children from now until a custody order is in place if she so desired.

He gave the option of file a pendente lite motion to be heard next week. However, with an open CPS case he did not believe that was a good idea for many reasons. 1. CPS will most likely not cooperate when they have not finished their investigation, 2. If the judge sides with BM, doesn't gurantee her custody, but would probably weigh heavily in her favor, 3. Due to the oldest not being his, they could argue he has no parental rights and he could lose total custody of her... So he is not going that optionWe are continuing the option of the settlement agreement, but are still waiting for the sheriff's office to get back about the definite date of delivery to her lawyer so we know when the 21 days is up. So hopefully the date for the 21 days is this week, if not it will be next and we can just get the ball rolling on having a CO in place and the divorce done too. Also, CPS has to involve local law enforcement when there is an investigation like this, so my bf talked to the officer today and is coming by tonight for my bf to sign his statement. He said not to worry, it is all routine, they have to do all the steps regardless of whether or not they believe the accusation is true or not, just in case something pops up later, etc. So I think this helped relax us both a little bit, but until the investigation is fully done still going to be on edge.

The CPS worker is supposed to do a home visit this afternoon if not next week. I hope she can do it today, so the investigation can be finished sooner. I suppose it is routine? She said it won't be long and is routine.

So in summary, thank you all for who gave advice in the last blog. Definitely got some helpful suggestions on what to say/do moving forward in regards to BM. 


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Good for him for just stepping back and letting it play out. 

What is in the settlement agreement though? Didn't he ask for full custody and she gets a long-distance schedule?

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his lawyer advised him to ask for the most so then starting asking for that then negotiate and agree on something in between. 

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That's what attorneys do, but to me, that kind of stuff sets off a high conflict BM, who is now anxious that she's going to lose custody of her children, and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep that.  This is how attorneys fuel the fire in Family Court.  BM isn't going to agree to any kind of full custody going to your SO, so why even suggest that? 

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I suppose to get the ball rolling? Or to spark a response from her and her lawyer? I really don't know. She is has said via text this morning she will not respond and she also said she would not agree to the sole custody. According to the lawyer, after the 21 days, they can ask for a default judgement.

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Exactly, why WOULD she agree to sole custody? DH wouldn't agree to it. 

Ugh, attorneys. They make it all worse. 

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during their marriage, he is legally the father. However, until my bf filed for divorce in March 2018 and there was a paternity test on both children (brought up after a friend of hers told my bf the oldest wasn't his) he found out that she was not his and was 3.5 year old then. 

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Most states have laws protecting the acting parent in those situations. So your BF shouldn't be able to have his rights stripped. Becuase legally he's dad.

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The home visit shouldn't be long at all. Don't volunteer to show anything they dont ask to see and just show the areas where the kids spend time. For example, there's no expectation the kids will be in the laundry room so dont show it unless asked. Be prepared to talk about sleeping arrangements. Do some fresh grocery shopping because they may ask to see the refrigerator to make sure the kids have food. Make sure there is a generally cleanliness and order even if the house isn't spic and span.

I hope it all works out. A lot of CPS workers know they get played by parents for custody battles. They still aren't your friend tho

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I've spoken to a CPS worker before who basically told me "they assume guilt and then look for evidence for it not to be." So definitley not a friend to the parent.

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CPS isn’t there to protect parents. It’s called CHILD protective services for a reason