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Nineteen Lates This Semester

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and still going!   There are only 10 more school days left this year so I have a feeling YSS16.5 will be going for the all time record of 29 lates this semester. 

Once again,YSS16.5 is on autopilot as the Gir and StepDaddyBigBucks do ZERO about it.  Technically he has two more years of high school yet after yet another year of summer school (has gone to summer school every years since kindergarten).

$50 He drops out before he turns 18.    Hopefully he'll pack his bags and emancipate from the last bastian of CS in the next two years and it won't drag out until 2024.  After all I plan on retiring in one year and eight months!


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$50 he stays in high school until BM can no longer collect CS for high school attendance. 

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I better sober up..I thought the title was 19 LATTES..LOL

Think, I HOPE you have separated your finances so that in one year and eight months you can sail away and enjoy retirement.Tell Chef he can join you(if you must ) after the skid indefinitely ages out of any type of court mandated CS.



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The finances are all in my name he has not a penny to his name everything he makes goes to me

Except for the CS

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He may not attend but will be still in high school setting all time new records for being late and being sick