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Educational software ideas

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This school year the oldest child had a school issued laptop. The little one also had more computer access in his class. I’d like to build off of this during our summer with them.

I have an old laptop that I’m going to factory reset then lock down and I’d like to install educational style programs. The problem is I’m so out of the loop when it comes to these sort of programs.

I remember as a child I had reading blasters and jumpstart but while Amazon still sells the disk for the programs they aren’t anywhere near new and I’m worried they won’t work with my operating system. I want to get them away from the tablet so apps aren’t really useful.

I know there are a few online programs such as ABC Mouse but the membership seems a little pricy and I’m not sure how good the programs are.

The oldest is going into fourth grade and the youngest into first.

With the oldest I’d really like something that helps her work on typing as well as complex thinking. She gets frustrated when she can’t get the answer right away or will make silly mistakes because she stops paying attention. She’s very capable but can be inflexible in her thinking. That being said she is very bright.  

The little one seems to be doing very well also. His reading compression amazes me. He’s chockfull of questions about the world.

Last year we had work books and they were ok but I remember how fun the educational software was. I truly didn’t see it has a chore as a kid. We don’t intend for them to be on the games all day long but even one hour in the morning so their dad can get a tiny bit more sleep would be huge.  


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Ask their teachers for suggestions.  Our school district has links to various educational sites (most free) on the class pages of its website.

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its not cheap if you purchase classroom set but it’s cheap if you just pay for one or two kids. ELA or math or both. 

It works on every device including your phone. No installation needed either. 

To clarify it’s not a game but kids love it due to immediate feedback and user friendly approach 


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first costs money but is cheap and second one free 

for math try splash math, it’s free

beebeel's picture has a huge selection of online games, printable activities and lists of ideas. They are all sorted by grade level. I just subscribed yesterday and it was half off if you choose the annual fee. I think I paid around $60, which so far seems to be a very good deal.