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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Friday at last! Feeling kinda punky, so I'll get right to it. 

Eff off to:

  • Idiots who INSIST websites are working when EVERYONE ELSE is getting errors. Then Idiot tries... oh, it must have JUST gone down.
  • Effers who constantly reschedule telecons, then don't understand why everyone grumbles. Check your damn schedule for conflicts BEFORE you create the damn teleconference. 
  • Assholes who think that being an asshole is cool. No, it just means you're a STUPID asshole.
  • Feeling barfy. 

Happy Friday,  STalkers! Hope your weekend is enjoyable and stress-free!


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Oh my lord the scheduling of meetings without checking availability drives me bonkers. 

Eff off to state purchasing requirements. I am going to spend weeks and weeks on a process when I already know the outcome. 

Eff off to whiny ass staff. Don’t like it here? Move on. 

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Right?? Everyone's schedule is viewable. But this poophead doesn't even check her own.

But, Merry! Other workplaces might not put up with the whiiiiining.....

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I know all about state purchasing requirements and the nonsense that it entails!

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And it was the director of procurement who effed it up to begin with. Who gets to fix it? Me, of course. I’m the “functional” expert. Eff that noise but here we are 

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Oh. And eff off to SD who is still not talking to her father. It baffles me that she thinks he must do as she commands. I am kinda waiting to learn how the whole kerfuffle is my fault. 

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Eff off to shit falling off trucks and dinging my windshield. Damn things need lids!

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That happened to me once. HOWEVER, in Florida, if you have full coverage insurance, windshield repair and/or replacement is FREE, and they come to YOU! They came to my work and replaced my windshield.

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Eff off to people who you THINK are your friends and then one of the boyfriends HIT ON YOU BY TRYING TO PUT YOUR HAND DOWN HIS PANTS ON HIS JUNK. Then, when you call him out on it and tell the GF (who is also a friend, so I thought), he lies (of course). AND the entire group believes HIM! Now, I'm the shit stirrer when all I wanted to do was NOT have unwanted sexual advances and to tell my "friend" that her BF was a piece of shit.

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I totally agree! Prior to this incident I thought everyone was great. NOW, not so much. It just stinks because they were friends with one major hobby; we ride motorcycles. We (groups of 15 - 25) would go out and ride on weekends. Not now. We lost everyone because of this. The BF was the leader, soooooooooo, now we are out.

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That effing POS!!! I sincerely hope that the next time he does this, the woman uses her fingernails to RIP some furrows into his junk!

So sorry this happened to you. {{hugs}}

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Thank you. It happened so fast and unexptectedly that I didn't know what to do. I yanked my arm and way and punched his arm. I was stunned and honestly didn't know what to do or say.

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EFF OFF to heroin, that just claimed the life of my friend's daughter at age 28.

EFF OFF to losing your mom at age 4.

EFF OFF to my husband, who said, as I was sobbing to him about my friend and her dead daughter "well, my kids have grown up without a mother."    As if it's even a little bit the same thing. 

Did I mention eff off to heroin??

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Eff off to:

  • My best friend eloping this last weekend... And only NOW telling me. Like a week later! She wants me to be the maid of honor at her "fake ceremony." So that's fun.
  • Also I'm scared she's marrie.d She's only been dating him 3 months AND 6 months ago she wanted to go off to Greece to meet a homeboy there.
  • AND I'm nervous about it becuase the only reason she had for doing it was "well... He had to leave for a training for a month and may deploy sometime next year... So it was now or we'd have to wait.
  • Protective friend over here is going crazy

Other than that things are going okay Smile

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I'm hoping I'm wrong too... She's notorious for picking sucky guys. They act like a$$holes, then she finally says something, then they ditch her for standing up for herself. It's been a cycle since High School.

I so hope that's not what happens!

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I hear you Aniki!
My eff offs are too:
Title companies who suddenly find a lien on our house that we had removed back when worthless meth mouth tried to claim DH never paid CS!

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How many ways can I say “No, I don’t want to sign the birthday card to skid or gskid”?   Please don’t ask me 3 times then judge...what part of “no” is not clear? Why does DH think my name on card will suddenly open the skies so rainbows and unicorns will come forth from his family towards me? *stop*


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I vote vanishing ink. "Why sure I'll sign DH!" Five minutes later it'll be like it never happened.

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Fishing weekends and leaving almost-teen skid with me, during YOUR time. And finding out at 4 am that morning that no I dont get restful Saturday, and looking ahead is stressing out my Friday too. Then more fishing Sunday so I will more than likely do drop off, because I dont want Toxic Troll to do pick up if I can help it. And being the bad guy because of how I feel about that. I should just go with the flow, wherever the flow goes, but I dont and so more "bad guy negative points".

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Oh HELL no. Daddy needs to take the skid fishing AND do drop off. 

You need to let him know this is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

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Trying to put positive spin.He will claim that "yeah Ill take her.." then ask her if he wants to go, or he asks to please daddy can I stay.

If she decides to stay home with me  (like always), I might have to put her to work - then I can deal with attitude!! Yay for me.

Or I can use the excuse that she decided to be disrepectful, cold and distant with me last weekend, so this is the repercussions of that kind of behavior.