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Need to vent

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Im sitting here at my work desk (I work from home).  It has been an extremely stressful work week and the following week will be even worse.

so as I sitting here trying to unwind for a second before I venture out of my office I can hear YSS singing (very poorly) in the room next to me.  His voice is changing so he sounds like a cow in heat.  From the living room I can hear whatever action movie DH is watching a mega volume.   And I can almost guarantee DH hasn’t even bothered to consider starting or making dinner.  I mean...after all, he did mow the yard today (on our fancy deluxe zero turn mower) so he is clearly too exhausted to think about that.   

But before I can begin to consider cooking dinner, I will surely have to clean up the sink full of dishes.  

Today is not the day DH....he best stay the hell out of my way tonight.   I think I see a trip into town to pamper myself tonight.  DH and YSS can starve for all I care.  

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!


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Good grief, you bought a fancy lawnmower, but skipped out on self-cleaning dishes??
Tut, tut!

I feel your frustration.
Let them starve and please do the pamper trip.
(Although I bet the dishes will still not have self-cleaned when you return home.)

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Yo, Hon,

You sound like a woman in a weakened state? Those standard aggros, buzzing about, can usually be ignored. However, when one's physical/emotional resistance is low, the buzzing becomes a siren.

Definitely take Letti's advice and pamper yourself!

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I get it!  This is me at least one night of the week.

1) If I really, really don't feel like cooking I will give DH a head's up.  He should be providing dinner when YSD is with us unless I offer.  So this means he cooks at least 2-3 times per week (I'll cook more on the weekends because I like it then).  Have you asked your DH nicely for help?

2) If it is your turn to cook, and there are dirty dishes blocking your access to the sink and to water, none of which are yours.  Guess what?  You cannot cook!  I have a hard line with this and DH has learned the hard way.  All pots dirty?  Sink full?  Counters full of 'stuff' - I don't clean others mess in order to cook.  Nope.

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We have the same rule on dirty dishes. Good news - even a 16 year old boy can be taught, no clean sink means cereal for dinner. 

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i have asked DH for help for 7 years.  I have asked nicely, I have asked not so nicely and I have lost my shit.  All I get is a few days of effort and back to nothing.   

Last night when I finished work I walked into the living room.  He said “Are you done working?”  I blew past him and said “well if you’re asking if I’m done working my paying job then YES...but clearly I have more work to do “

He caught on real quick and started unloading and loading the dishwasher and said we were eating out.  Thankfully YSS didn’t want to go so DH and I went and brought him something back.   

Maybe DH is learning...slowly but learning!  

Thankfully he and YSS will be out late tonight so I can unwind and relax.