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Oh how I miss the ANNE saga!!

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Most if the newbys would have no idea about the Anne saga....but it was riveting!  Oh how I miss The life of Anne and Mr Handsome!!!


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Oh I miss those updates too! I wonder if she’s started dating someone new yet....but more importantly someone who doesn’t have a kid or knows how to parent. 

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The Anne Saga was shared by a lovely long time poster called GhostWhoCooksDinner. Ghost has been through her own stepwars, but the saga documented how Anne, a single coworker of hers, threw reason, common sense, and her own minor son away in the pursuit of a "wonderful, awesome, terrific FOTY". Anne ignored the dozens of red flags flapping furiously in the wind, the Disney parenting and mini wife behavior, all in her quest to be with this loser. I think Anne eventually lost her job over it all, too.

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Funny, I was just thinking about the Anne sagas as well and really would like an update.  Whatever happened to cute little Sailor talk Mary or was it Sally?!? 

I did feel very badly for Anne's son.  

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Lol I so miss those stories, they were truly cringeworthy.  Poor, poor Anne who just desperately wanted another baby, and would put up with anything.

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Yes, Hot Tom, Sailor Talk Mary and poor poor Chris!  Those were very entertaining and made us feel better about our lives.

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She checks in occasionally, but I imagine she's living a happy, busy life. She got a big promotion at work, her bio son is doing well, she and her DH have made peace with both SSs being PAS'd out and the inlaws catering to BM. 


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Glad to hear she is doing great! That being said we would still like an Anne update. LOL!

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LOL! I didn't realize Ann's story was so enthralling! But hey, since you've requestied it, here's an update!


Nothing has changed, really. I haven't been spending nearly as much time with Ann since she annoys the crap out of me. Seriously, this is a PhD- educated woman, beautiful, really had her crap together, then started dating that THING. We had dinner last week, the two of us with two other mutual friends to celebrate one of the other friends' birthdays. Ann is exactly the same- super excited about everything, super positive even though she hasn't worked in a year and a half (since being fired) and all her savings are gone. She still gets CS for Chris (who still lives with her, by the way). That part surprises me- I thought for sure he'd be living with his dad by now, but no. I think she's bipolar, quite honestly. I mean, she's got a child to support, bills to pay, and NO JOB. But she looks at it like, more time to go to yoga, go skiing, and write her children's book (eye roll).

She really didn't talk much about Hottie, and none of us asked. All we know is they're still dating, the relationship hasn't moved forward after- what- two years now? She spends time at his place and he never goes to hers ("His place has more room"). No idea if he ever found another job. I think she shine has worn off of the penny, so to speak, but he's better than nothing, at least to her. Ann had a super hard time turning 40, and she's desperate. Their former plan to buy a house together isn't happening, and her burning desire to have another baby seems to be gone as well (might interfere with her fun new lifestyle, I guess).

And what of Sailor Talk Mary? Apparently she moved back in with her mother for all of about a week before BM couldn't stand her anymore, then she was back with Hottie. Hottie decided she was all better and no longer needs therapy; besides, he needs the money to pay for her and Luke's travel soccer because these kids are going to be elite Olympic athletes someday!!

Oh, and Mary's got a little boyfriend at school, and Ann helped her pick out just the right outfit and apply some tasteful makeup before school the other day and she looked just SO BEAUTIFUL! The girl is ELEVEN. She's in 6th grade, for crying out loud. But she's so mature for her age (another eye roll)


So, Ann's still a booty call, Mary's still Mary, and Chris is still sitting on the sidelines while Ann lives her life. That's why I haven't updated- nothing's really happened since Ann was thick in the drama and wonderfulness of this amazing relationship with the world's hottest man! (I wish I had a photo- but picture a generic, store brand Tom Cruise, but heavier, with squinty eyes a smug expression all the time. That's Hottie).


I PROMISE I'll keep you all apprised of any developments!!

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How is she paying her bills, and the yoga and skiing? Surely, her CS is not enough to cover everything.

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I haven't the foggiest. I really don't. I'm guessing her parents are helping her out at this point, like they have here and there in the past. But who knows?

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