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Mr. Neutral Drops In

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Mr. Neutral is Chef's youngest half brother--7 yrs Chef's senior.   Mr. Neutral is the ONLY member of Chef's family that drops by (whenever he needs/wants something from us)  Well Mr. Neutral started off with "I wanted to see how SMART Thinkthrice is" and he handed me his locked out Iphone (probably stolen and jail broken) that says it can only be unlocked via Itunes.  Well he doesn't even have the charger/usb cable for the damn thing.

In addition, I'm not an "Iphone/Apple" person.  I'm a Microsoft/Android/Linux person but I have done some minor configuring on Apple products.  The subject quickly turned to Mr. N's son who is getting a divorce after a quicky marriage to a GUBM.   He quickly spawned two kids with her and now they are done.   Mr. N is CONVINCED that his son is going to get CUSTODY and not have to pay any CS.  Mr. N's ex-wife (his son's BM) is doing ALL of the daycare for Mr. N's son.

Apparently the GUBM decided to stalk Mr. N's son and they wound up at a bar for a "friend's birthday" (TM)  Well the GUBM allegedly blocked Mr. N's son in with her car.  Mr. N started filming the rampage supposedly unbeknownst to the GUBM.  Cops were called and they told everyone to go home but not before Mr. N's son smashed his hand into a wall in frustration.

I have mentioned before that both Mr. N and his son come off as Neanderthal looking, rough tough, blue collar, "toxic masculinity huge brow ridge biker gang." types.  Yep he's going to get custody and pay no CS alright.  Chef scoffed at this ascertation as it is afer all the GUBM-centric NYS.  Chef then told Mr. N that nephew he made a huge mistake punching a wall in public and that will be seen in family court as "being violent."  Mr. N seemed unconcerned which further enraged Chef.

I sent Mr. N packing to the nearest Apple store.

I also can hear banjos warming up. . .

P.S.  Chef told Mr. N that if nephew wants to call Chef for advice (aka don't do what Chef did) then he's welcome to.  I told Chef that on social media, nephew is still ensconced with the Girhippo crew including Chef's PASed out kids.  It all gets back to the Girhippo crew which makes me want to put a muzzle on Chef sometimes!


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Mr. N is by far not neutral as it once seemed.  He is a mouth breathing knuckle dragger and let Chef stay with him when we separated once over YSS's antics.

No man, save one of Chef's nephews from oldest half bro has had a long term relationship and that is with his original wife, who wears the pants and had a child from another man, aka a GUBM.  Heaven help "Mr. Town Justice" if he ever divorced.

All the rest are divorced child chasers who've never moved on.  Oldest half bro did have a live in for several years...he moved into her house but then she passed (probably from stress due to his drama)