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Well That Didn't Last Long

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Looks like SD20 lost her job at the furniture store in less than 3 months.   Soooooo probably won't be able to move out of the Girhippo's just in time for the emancipation hearing the first week of April. 

Did I also mention that SD20 and YSS16 are HUGE cultural MISappropriators?  They actually believe they are African-American and think they can dance, etc etc.    Some of the stuff they post is just plain ridiculous....SD20 in particular thinks she has the "moves."   She's even cammed her "moves" and posted them on FB/Youtube.    Looks like a wounded male elephant seal on uppers.



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Baby Pig believed herself to be an up & coming Rapper! Had posted her “craft” on Facebook, not sure if she’s ever branched out to other media forms …

Sadly my unsupportive Irish Catholic Mother thought my dreams of becoming a High Fashion Runway Model at 5’2” were unrealistic …I was forced to give up my dreams and enter the work force …I’m still scarred to this day.

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Notsomuch anymore!

The Gir convinced OSS22.5 that he was going to be a ROCK STAR.  He works part time on a Gir clan's smoothie truck and does weed the rest of the time (if not meth and heroin by now)

The Gir thought she herself was going to be the next Food Network star.   She bought a food truck of her own (with CS money) and I believe she thinks she will be the future employer of  OSS22.5, SD20 and YSS16.   Can anyone say food poisoning and ecoli?  It's basically a tax write off for six figured StepDaddyBigBucks.

SD20 most likely thinks she will be an "America's Got Talent" star with her "moves"  I'm sure the Gir does nothing to dissuade her from this pipe dream

YSS15 is excelling at "Varsity Chorus" and they have him in any school play.  I'm sure the Gir tells him he will be a movie/TV star or at least a Broadway thespian.

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has massive mammaries....not as huge as Mrs. Headlights but I digress.

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He might have low self esteem and/or grown up with abusive parents.

My DH has low self esteem and he is college educated professional with all great qualities. He grew up in abusive family so he married crazy abusive lazy woman and stayed married for nearly 30 years. At the end he was just scared of her. Id not be surprised if strepdaddybigbuck is scared of girhippo.

He only now starts knowing his value and believing in himself after meeting me. 

Its the same why great women stay with horrible men.