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SD22 is going back to school

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The plot thickens... My friend and FB stalker just informed me that SD22 posted on FB that she is going back to school in the Fall. Seems she applied for a program awhile back and received her acceptance letter today, so she posted it... as a PUBLIC post that shows her freakin' home address!

So I'm thinking that SD22 sent me that crap 'apology', trying to get back into DH's good graces because.... she's going to ask him to help pay her tuition!

And I wonder how long she'll continue be able to afford living on her own since she'll be going to school and working less. BioHo may get her wish and SD22 will move back into the 'Ho House!


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Well she has to show DADDDEEEE something to prove why that money is sooooo important!!!

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Oh, do tell what the program is. Hope she's not required to do any writing that involves vowels. 

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Sorry, but I won't list it for fear of discovery. 

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Well now, things always come out in the wash as my Irish mother used to say.

Don't you just love how skids think? Their go-to is "Who can I manipulate/use to get what I want?" Never mind that she's a full grown woman who's done nothing to foster a loving relationship with her father; disregard that she's made war with his wife; brush aside how she couldn't care less about her father and doesn't even see him as a person. Nope, like a fat kid cramming cake in his face it's aaalll about gimmee gimmee munee, how can I exploit family for my personal gain. Pathetic.

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Exjulie, BioHo raised the skids to see DH as an ATM. Especially the girls, who see every man as a future husband/bank roll.

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I expect SD22 to be that way the rest of DH's life. And then she'll be all over what's in his will....

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Associate of MiniWifery?

Bachelors of Asshattery?

Minoring in Daaadddddeeeeeeee Studies?

Grift for Fun and Profit 101?

PiledHigherandDeeper PHD

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Rhetorical questions I have.

Is her school money free?

Will BM go back to court asking for assistance?


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Possibly, but doubtful because 'Ho would also be on the hook for tuition. And 'Ho can't afford to dye her hair, much less pay a lawyer.

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Wait, she's 22! Tell me the court there can't order him to pay for a 22-year-old. Even in NY, it ends at 21.

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CS ends at 18 (19.5 if still in HS). However, with BS lawsuits on the rise, it wouldn't surprise me if they tried. 

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The year she turns 23, she will be considered financially independent for that whole year, and qualifies for loans and grants based on her need.


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Yes and only certain life events void this but she just needs one parent's tax return. I'm sure she'll opt for BioHo to get more assistance.

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She can apply for FAFSA under BM's earnings. She has to be a full time student.  If BM is really broke or has low income qualification, SD may even be eligible for school grants (depends on school).  It's not rocket science to get financial aid...then she can pay it back beginning 6 mos post graduation.  She'll probably still try to parasite money because a full time class load and full time job is not an easy thing. (I did it...and so did my BD, but SD24 never worked and siphoned DH all she could).


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Student Loans... She'll have a billion of them. Then likely throw a fit when she has to pay them back...

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She already has student loans - and pitched a major hissy fit about it because Daddeeeeeeee couldn't afford to pay her entire tuition. Call the waaaaaahm-bulance! Her student loans would be less if BioHo would have okayed her attending a different school, but there was no way in hell that 'Ho was going to let one of her minions be that far away from her (several hours drive).

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I have a hard time with parents or kids who refuse to attend acceptable schools that are affordable like local CC or local universities because it is not their dream school ... or some other stupid reason.  Yes, let’s burden the kid or the family with years of debt for no good reason.  It’s not where you go to school necessarily but what you do with the education you get.  Did not mean to vent but I did what I had to do to get an education....did I graduate from my dream school?  No! But I got an education and had a great career.  No one asked about my college once I got hired.