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Girlfriend won’t talk to me

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Her kid was called a name a boy he is friends with. He is 9. She called the school and reported the boy for bullying. Her son is 9 and acts like he is 3 at times and cries when he doesn’t get his way.I told her she made a mistake reporting other boy since they are good friends and the whole thing was over a girl and as kids they will work it out. However her son is master at playing the victim and has quit half a dozen sports because according to him the coaches were mean. My girlfriend yelled at me and won’t talk to me because I told her basically it was just drama between him and his friends and the other boy doesn’t have a history of being mean to him. She said I’m not compassionate and don’t care about her son which is a lie. She knows it too. I’ve been great to her son and have a good relationship with him but don’t think this warranted a school phone call. What do you guys think? She is no longer speaking to me over this believe it or not.

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Her son is 9 and acts like he is 3

Now you know where the boy gets it - from his immature mother. SMDH

Why do you continue to stay in this awful relationship??

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Why are you still in this relationship??  The kids are mean to you, she doesn’t back you up and clearly you have zero voice when it comes to even suggestions.  So what keeps you staying in a relationship where you and your opinion aren’t valued?   The kid will not magically grow out of being an ass.  He will just grow to be a bigger ass.  What happens when he is 16 and treats you like crap??  When he is a grown man in your house telling you how things will be?  That is what you are looking at.  If BM can’t change him now it will never happen.

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Run. There are two outcomes here. Her son will grow up to be a sociopath (if he already isn't one) which means he is likely to become a master manipulator and very likely a criminal/thief/sex offender/school shooter type OR he will become an overweight lazy weak non functioning male who lives in his mom's basement, plays video games all day and refuses to do anything with his life/blames everyone else for his problems. Either outcome is not good. Run.

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Dude... everyone on this site has told you to cut ties with this chick. She is no good. You are being taken advantage of in major ways. I mean... is the sex really THAT good that you continue to be unhappy? Other than an magical vag... I don't know what hold she has over you   


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Remembered a line from Ausin Powers:

He says this as his supersexy GF turns into a robot and tries to kill him:

"Oh my God! Vanessa is  FEMBOT!"

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I agree with you that calling the school because the kid's friend called him a name was not the best move.  First offense and a friend - let the kids work it out. I'd call the kid's mom before I called the school.  If it becomes a recurring theme, then putting the school on notice makes sense.

As for your girlfriend not talking to you over this . . . sounds like she has about the maturity of her son.  Get a new girlfriend.

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I’ve had guys dump me when I didn’t scream at them or give them the silent treatment. Nor did I cheat. I didn’t have a kid, either.

WTF are you still doing with his immature “woman” and her demonspawn?! RUN!

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The silent treatment is emotional blackmail. It is immature but you know that. You know this is only the beginning and that it will only get worse.

Decide now if this is the life you want for yourself. If it is, then stop complaining, agree with her (about this and every single other thing to do with her son) and move on to the next problem.

If this isn't what you want for your life, leave and don't look back.


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Yeah definitely marry her. She can use sign language to 'say' her vows if yer still not talking.

Damn dude, are you serious?? Every time you post you complain about this chick and her kid. But yer still with her. WTF. 


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I took a look for myself at other posts you have made. Also laughed at this magical vag curiousity. Anyways, you should RUN. I usually don't tell people on here they should run unless it is so clear that they are just hurting themselves by staying with the person. You are unhappy, unmarried, childless, and way too mature for this woman. 

In the past at least, she has had boundary problems with her ex and has issues being a parent to her children. She should not of called the school as they are friends and this is the first time it happened, calling the school does not teach her child how to work out differences with someone especially a friend when they have a disagreement.

What positive is there about being in a relationship with this woman? You may love her, but she is not committed to openly communicating with you or being an equal partner. Find someone who respects you and your opinions, your boundaries matter. 

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Weird, I've never been divorced and I post on here. I must be a unicorn.

To OP: I really think you need to weigh the pros and cons of this relationship. Have you ever sat down and done so instead of focusing on one issue at a time? I'd bet that you would be surprised to see the cons overtake the pros. 

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Your GF is no adult. Her behavior proves that.  Her behavior is no different than her whiney manipulative 9yo spawn.

Move on and find an equity life partner who is actually an adult.

Good luck.