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Looking for eligible bachelors

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Now that she is an adult, I’ve come to see Little Idiot (SD almost 19) like one of those curses in horror films. The ones you can only get rid of by pawning them off on some other unsuspecting fool. In that spirit, does anyone know of a desperate bachelor willing to support Little Idiot?

She will work a part time job, but keep all the money for spending. She lives in filth and isn’t too bright but she’s quiet. The skunk ape will probably hit him up for money or a place to live but a firm NO and a pack of cheap cigarettes will work to banish it temporarily. As long as Little Idiot has top of the line clothes and a million beauty products, she won’t complain and she makes the best box of ramen noodles you’ve ever tasted.

First offer will be accepted.





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I think my former stalker is around 23 now. Will that work? Has a tendency to be VERY obessive, contact friends to inform them that you're together and in love, and send things to places you NEVER gave them the address for. Does have a consistent job though. 

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I cannot even think of anyone I dislike badly enough to hand them off to your SD.

As they are in the part ape family, I wish I could give you a famous orang-uatan's phone number, but I don't know it.
Probably the worst person I can think of at the moment.

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My SS will be 19 soon as well. He also lives in filth and works sporadically whenever he runs out of KFC money. I think an arranged emancipation event is in order!!

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Unfortunately I don't know any eligible bachelors who don't have a sense of smell.

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This sounds a lot like my brother's wife, she is a stepdaughter herself and tried to make her dad and SMs life hell. Both of her bioparents love my brother because they got to pawn off this load on to him. 

Lousy parents make lousy kids.

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are there any rainforests to dump her with her kind? Would she be happy around other orangutans and play dress ups. Not sure if her million beauty products would come in handy, orangutans would destroy it??

i do have monkeys from the rainforest appearing in my backyard from time to time, they like to mate on our border fence... would sd feel right at home with them? I wouldn’t want her on my property though... i have enough stepcrap issues to deal with..

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The real trick is getting someone who will KEEP her so she doesn't boomerang back!

My SD managed to find someone to marry her but it didn't take.

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My SS is 19, doesn't bathe enough, doesn't care to work very hard and might be a good fit.  He does currently have a girlfriend, though I can't imagine that will last.  Your SD will have to pass muster with BM, since SS is a total Mama's Boy.

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This reminds me of a stupid country song, "When a Mamas boy meets a Daddys girl"

It's all lovey dovey and about how they'll love each other and have a beautiful little girl who will be his Daddy's girl. All I can think about is how neither of them has ever had to do a damn thing for themselves, how will they ever be able to take care of each other or a child!!

I hope your SD doesn't end up with one of the SSs on here, what a mess that would be! However, she'll probably end up being talked about by the SM who eventually has to deal with her and her kids if she traps a decent guy in the beginning.