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OT - Eff Off Friday

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We made it!! Just a few short hours until the weekend begins. I'd love to have a 2-day work week and a 5-day weekend. Same pay. LOL!

Eff off to:

  • The price of tires. I'd like to trade in DH's first born (SD22), but I'm pretty sure I'd have to pay even more.
  • Cootie carriers who INSIST on mingling. Puh-lease! STOP BREATHING ON ME, go sit at your freakin' desk, pick up that new-fangled invention called a 'telephone', and call me.
  • Friday afternoon meetings. Really? Nobody wants that. Nobody.


May your weekend be skid-free, carefree, and seem endless! xoxo


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Amen to Eff Off Friday afternoon meetings. Our 10:30 got move to 2pm. Grrrr

Eff Off to plague carriers. I am diligent about hand washing and avoiding them. Rude.

Eff Off to moving offices/buildings. It's been threatened for the last 9 months and we move next week. So, instead of being able to park RIGHT outside my current building, I'll now be on a larger campus where if you arrive after 7am, you better have on your hiking boots. Guess I'll be getting to work earlier. The upside is a better gym, two cafeterias, less shuttle bus riding, more opportunities for walking (steps!), and new(ish) digs.

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Amen to that! boss is leaving early today! Woot Woot! And I'll be ditchin this place at 12:30 Smile


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Ha, we all hate Friday afternoon meetings, so stupid, should be outlawed haha!

It'll be skid free, nursing my broken bones, enjoying some good drugs and finding something good to binge watch on Netflix or Amazon.  My mom lent me some books also -never had the time before. 

Luckily my Weims are being SUPER cautious to stay away from my leg when I get around or sitting-even in bed.  Last night slept in recliner but the nights before I slept in bed with all of us used the walker over me to create a little cage so they don't accidentaly bump into me-they're using other side of bed to get up too..  Very perceptive.  They come up to my recliner for pets and scratches a lot.  I'm feeding treats and still practicing tricks and sits/down/stays.  I normally due Rally with her and Agility w/him. Have a hunt test coming up Mid Feb and since I handle  them likely not able to go, unless SO wants to try it and I just sit around and wait :)   I'll be missing all the training classes and stuff I love to do with them-that part has me more down then anything else to be honest.

Tires, tell me about it- one of my front tires has a nail or something in the sidewall-so not an easy fix.  Just been airing it up every couple days until I can afford a new tire.  Has to be 'shaven' down too to match the other ones as if not it can interfere in the AWD system.  Or maybe that's just them talking crap at the dealership ha!



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Ok, I just watched a series on Netflix this week called "The Sinner", with Jessica Biel. It's good!! I thought it was good to start, but around the 4th/5th episode I got seriously into it. A few parts are pretty messed up. I stayed up to finish it last night because I couldn't stop watching it.

Also, if you haven't already, watch "Abducted in Plain Sight" on Netflix. A friend told me about it and my SO and I watched it this weekend. We were literally yelling at the TV the entire time. Your mind will be BLOWN. It's a true story.

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Bananaseedo, can you get right on making that a law? lol

Glad you're surgery was a success. Hope you heal quickly and your reccovery is smooth.

The damn tires are more than a house payment!!!

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Eff off too:

  • My Temper
  • Paranoia
  • Fears
  • Nightmares
  • Counseling being expensive and insurance not covering it until a deductible is met... Which I can't afford to meet...
  • Work today
  • Spontaneous Crying for I don't even know

Positive. My coworker gave me like 3 bags of clothing to dig through. She buys expensive things I'd NEVER buy myself that she's just getting rid of and willing to give to me Smile

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My heart goes out to you PA. Sad

The spontaneous crying could be a manifestation of walking depression. I spontaneously cried for several months last fall. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. You need more than a break.

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Thank you Iamwoman. 

I looked into therapy, but until the deductible is met it's $100 a session. Which is far too much... So I gotta stick it out until that's covered. Then I plan on starting... I didn't even know walking depression was a thing... I COULD use a break. Hopefully soon!!!

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ANOTHER Friday meeting Aniki? Eff off to that!

Eff off to back pain. I’ve tried everything - even yoga. I thought I was ok to “speed vacuum” the house a week ago since I’m now two years post back surgery, but apparently not. Ugh.

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My DH has some missing cartlidge from when he got blown up. I have this pain relieving "green goo" that helps a bit. I'm not saying he's all better by any means, but it helps with the edge a bit. Maybe try something like that???

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What do you use?  Not for me but my SO consistently has pain for a fractured foot that didn't heal well and keeps getting pinched nerves on one side of the back.  We've tried tiger balm which somewhat temporarily helps. Any other suggestions?  I'm sure I'll need for myself too once of the splint/cast and healed for relief.


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It's called "Green Goo" Pain Reliever. We also used to do Lidocaine patches. Those were just harder to Manage than just a salve type thing we rub on it. He does say it doesn't fix it. But that it helps take enough of the edge off he can focus on some other things.

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Thank you PA! I will try it. I’m willing to try anything. I’m in a corset today, which helps a little, but creates an entirely different level of discomfort. Lol!

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And I just got out of a "spontaneous" meeting. More work for Aniki. Yippee. However, that DOES increase my value. Right???

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Happy Friday all!

Eff off to SS16 coming for Superbowl.  My team is not in it but I enjoy the commercials, puppy bowl and the food.  I will sit in my normal place and read.  Ignore, ignore and ignore some more.

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Booooooo!!! This is a skid weekend for us, but DH will get PigPen back to the 'Ho House and be home well before the commericials start.

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Eff off to: Disney Dads. My SO and I have been great...fantastic even. And then he was a hard-core Disney Dad this week and we got in an argument about skids and it ruined the whole mood. DD'ng is not an attractive quality.

Eff off to the Polar Vortex!! If they hadn't cancelled work 2 days I probably wouldn't have noticed all the DD'ng!

Eff off to diets! I am doing Weight Watchers because I am at an all-time high for my weight (I went 20lbs over my "absolute high weight") and am completely unhappy with it, so I am very determined to get back to a reasonable place. I have 40 lbs to lose total, which would put me at my ideal weight. This is week 2, and I've lost 5lbs so far, but now we are skid-free this weekend and all I want to do is eat all the pizza and drink all the alcohol but I just don't have enough points left for all that. Sad

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Gaaaaah. I am SO happy that my DH 'outgrew' the Disney Dad phase.

Woman, can't you drink skinny margaritas?? Vodka and fresh lime juice? I weep for you. As for me, I'm feeling like a fat walrus.

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I can probably squeeze in a drink or two from the points I get from working out, but let's be honest, 1 or 2 isn't enough.

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Eff off to inconsiderate assholes. I drive two hours to attend a meeting yesterday. Was there to help resolve a problem, and I expected it to be contentious. The asshole who brought the complaint never showed up. 

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Okay,Ani, spill! What happened at the planned Friday evening get together with SD25?

Was it an amicable meeting or did you find yourself in the TwilightZone?

Did she slip you a roofie in your drink  and send you off somewhere ? coz you are MIA on ST  2 week days and that is not like you..

Should  I release  the bloodhounds and tracking drones ?