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Google stalked SD for the first time in a LONG time....

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So if you read my last blog you know it's been a bad patch, well my aunt passed last add the the pile of ever mounting crap! So there you go!

Yesterday I was googling Spawn's name to see if there is any new info out there on her, and up popped Linkedin with her current resume. So it appears she holds each job for about 1 year and 3 months on average.

Her first and second job I knew, this third one is not far off from the second. She pretty much works for low income apartments that sell themselves as "luxury apartments on a fixed income". Her field of work is not surprising given that meth mouth was a "realtor" back before she became a full time junkie.

Not knocking her job, just interesting to see she's plodding along in the same shodden footsteps of meth mouth. She also has a pinterest page that is filled with "How to get pregnant" "Boob Jobs" "Baby Names" "Wedding Ideas" "Clothes"....Spawn is a simplistic person when it comes to life. Although I'm not sure how the baby plays into her endless selfie game or her need to look like a Krapdashian.

Oh well she's got all of us still blocked on social media, but that's okay she's blocked from mine. Her gangbanger boyfriends twitter account isn't blocked and it's full of what I consider pre-teen humor...fart and sex jokes, or lavicious "check out my women" posts with Spawn posing seductively in a room that looks like it came straight out of a hoarders episode.

So I guess what I'm saying is none of this surprises me, and she's pretty much ending up just like I thought she would.


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Maybe she's getting in on the ground floor  in the  entrepreneurial field of  faux  luxury style crack houses?


"same shodden footsteps of meth mouth"

lol.that is funny but scary at the same time!


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Gaaaah. What IS it with those who fail to understand that caca is there for all to see??? Such idiocy.

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Horrible! Why put out all her dysfunction for the world to see?

(I have never looked up my exSD. I have no interest in learning about the chaos that is her life. It is bad enough I have to hear about it from other people in my life...)

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OMG, pet peeve: When people try to pose all sexy or seductive for a pic, and in the background you see they are in some shithole of a room that looks like hobo's live there. Situational awareness, people!

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I took a cue from you and googled SD20's name.  She has a linked in acct saying she's a student at the local community college from 2017 to 2021. . . SHE DROPPED OUT IN JANUARY 2018 after enrolling SEPTEMBER 2017!