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I knew I was right

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The school called me. They really LOVE communicating with me. Ever since they got that paper in the system giving me rights at the school, they call me over DH at SD5's school... Probably because I take things seriously...

ANYWAYS... Apparently SD5 was drawing bloody and gory images in class... Something about the "3AM challenge" She told the teacher that her and her sissy watch it after DH and I are asleep.... So several issues:

1) We have a TV off at 9 rule, DH and I turn it off, WHICH MEANS, we're turning it off and they're proceeding to turn it back on.

2) We have a youTube Kids only rule, which I don't think woud have a bloody and gory mess on it

3) This means they're sneaking and watching stuff THEY KNOW we won't be happy with

So I called DH and told him. He was all "they're doing what?" I was like "The counselor said you can call the teacher if you need more info, but that's the jist of it."

His response? He's taken all the cords for the electronics in their room and the hand held electronics. They're grounded from it all until further notice.

And DH thought I was bieng paranoid banning regular YouTube and when I told him they shouldn't have a damn TV in their room...


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Because they already had them when I maried DH... So I lost that battle... I don't think ANYONE needs a TV in their room.

I also didn't think they should have their own tablets or gaming system. I won on the gaming system, lost on the tablets... But the tablets are gone now... soooo....

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Well, at least he did something and didn't fall back on his response of "I'll take care of it".

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True. This is improvement... Since normally he responds that way and then I consider strangling him since nothing ever gets "taken care of"

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I think now is also a good time to take the televisions OUT of their rooms permanently. Sell them and apply money to all of BM's debt. The girls cannot be trusted with something so permanent. Their tablets work better than the TV anyway, and can be confiscated.

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I agree with you. But I normally do. lol I never thought a TV in their room should even be an option.

I think the tablets are smarter. Plus personally I think, they break them, that sucks, guess they'll learn responsibility!

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I'll give him 1 hour of whining and 5 minutes of a tantrum to cave in and give the tablets back to them. LOL

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my bios never did have television in their rooms but if they did fight over the tv when I was at work and when DD was ad hoc child care at age 12 over DS 6, then I WOULD take the tv power cable!!!  Memories!

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LOL. I just don't understand the need! They have toys galore! There's more to do than just electronics!!!

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Gaaaaaah. Glad he did something! IMO, kids do NOT need electronics of any kind in the bedroom. No tv, no computer, no gaming system, no phone...

Welcome to the 'stone age' girls. Wink

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That's my opinion too!!!

"Stone age." Imma just call it the "age of creativity and growth." LMAO

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Hey, well, I'm up there in age! Back before the earth's crust cooled (and we had to hop around to keep from burning our bare feet), we entertained ourselves by using..... OUR IMAGINATION!!! I know, I know. What a crazy concept!

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We turn off our kids' internet from midnight to 5 am. It resulted in better sleep for all of them. Totally worth the up front bother. 

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I was going to suggest the same thing. Download the app for your router and it will list all devices that connect to WiFi and you get to pick times for each device to turn off. It’s amazing. If they have Smart TV’s you can even set those. Great for sneaky little kids.

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open a browser and type in  (most common defaul)

(as a URL)

hit enter.

type in the default use name pwd for that make/model of router, update the firmware, CHANGE THE PWD SO ITS NOT THE DEFAULT ANYMORE.   If you can get the MAC address from the skid's device so much the better.   Check out the security page/parental control page and block away!  It will usually tell you the name of the connection like "Samsung Galaxy Note8" etc

Then get the app of that router for YOUR phone and you can make changes away from home!