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Christmas Cards

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who is included on your family Christmas card? I just picked ours up and they just include a picture of the kids, SD, my son and the baby.  SD has been extra rude and disrespectful to me the last 2 weeks....I look at the card and realize it will always include this child who wishes I wasn’t around.  I will never be able to make a card to send my family (who barely know SD BTW) that only has my two bio kids.


jusy curious what other’s do?


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I don't send out Christmas cards but why don't you have some done with just your bios for your family?

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SD would be hurt if I even took pictures with the little two without her.  My son is very close with DH’s family as he sees them all the time and is a likeable kid lol! I would never send cards to his side without my son... so would feel guilty doing it with my side, even though it’s a completely different relationship...  My family don’t like my husband...and SD is not very sweet 

i did make my mom a photo gift for Mother’s Day that only included my kids.

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Next time have multiple card shots done. 

I doubt SD's side is too interested in photos of your son , just as your side isn't much into wanting photos of SD. 

Go wild. If you do one of each child , one of just your two, and one of just SD it doesn't live much room for DH to whine his first kid isn't included. She is. Just not every pose. Just like the other two. 

Sure, it will cost a bit more... but you have a choice. Stare at a photo with one unwanted person in it, but put a bit more into it and get what it is you do want. 


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an idea..... maybe for next year 


but I will say that DH’s side genuinely love my son! My MIL has said she has never met a child as special as him.... even FIL who doesn’t like kids, specifically goes and buys gifts for my son and doesn’t for his bio grandkids and his brother (DH’s uncle) is always asking about “his boy” not the baby, not SD, but my kid...BIL goes on how my son seems more excited to see him then his own kids do!  before the baby was here? MIL would ask to spend time alone with my son and would take him to do fun things.... my son doesn’t really see his dad and DH is his father figure.. it’s more like my son was adopted than being a step kid... (I have been on here awhile to get that this seems far fetched.. but it is how it is)

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No kids.  BD13 is in a "I'm ugly, so no pictures" phase, and no one we know knows the skids other than family, and they can go to heck.

But my babies are beautiful in their dorky elf collars!

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I don't do picture cards, but I include all of our names. How they are placed inside the card depends on who the card is going to. For instance, my family and friends it is from agitated, DH, BS14, BS14, SD16. DH's family and friends is DH, agitated, SD16, BS14, BS14.

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I used to do the whole family photo card and when the kids got older I just did the kids photos.
Spawn was no longer included once she moved out, and this will be my last year including BS on the card since he is moved out now and he can start sending his own cards, or not.
So from now on it will just be BD and the dog on the card. LOL!

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corporate christmas cards for Chef's biz,  a few for my bios and their spouses and that's it.  I DON'T miss the guilty xmas shopping Chef used to do for his three ferals!    Oh but I did get a photo of my eldest kitty (lilac point siameses) with Santa Paws.  It may be her last year with us as she's 19 years old.