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StepMoms should take a class before signing up for this

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There should be a class StepMoms must take  before they marry a man with children. They could take my SD home for practice .... <attempt at humor> 

Bc ya’ll ... if I would have taken that class I would have ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction. 

My DH does take my side and does realize his child has “issues” but it’s still so miserable at my house. It’s changed me so much. 

I’m a teacher and love children. I have never had a major problem with any child! I’d rather sit in a classroomith 30 kids all day than to spend a day with my SD!  I can’t believe I admitted this lol But it’s true.        

I love SD but I don’t like anything about her. I can’t relax when she’s around. She lies, steals, cuts herself, and has a bipolar diagnosis. I even lock our dog up when she’s here bc I’m scared she will hurt him. 



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It wouldn’t help …

I saw all the red flags and still fell in love with the guy, made excuses for the 3 little pigs as well …

until I became physically ill from it all and nearly ended up in the hospital.

”we are all blind in love “

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Ohhhh girl I feel you!!  I could strangle my DH and his damn kid!  If I would have known, ohhhh if I'd only known.  I tell DH constantly that he himself is lovely but if I knew all the damn baggage he'd come with I'd have facking run away!!

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I believe I have some PTSD symptoms from this experience.

Honestly, the only thing you can do is build a solid wall around the two of you and do your very best not to let BM and SD cause too much stress.

I thought we were on the home stretch once SS turned 18, but BM ramped up her crazy again and back to court we go.  I do love DH, but I wouldn't do this all over again.

By the way, there are happy stepfamilies.  My sister has an adult SD that she gets along with great - she is like another daughter for her.  We are just the fools who stayed with men who have crazy exes.

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just be sure to share all your horror stories with others, so they know before they fall in the hole. I told my cousin and several of my friends a few stories and they said thanks and they will never date someone with kids. I love my husband to death, but if I was to do this all again... uhhh I would have to walk away. BM is a nightmare and the CS has derailed our lives to where me and my husband struggle every month. We are happy with each other but the financial strain is killing both of us. My husband feels like a slave for child support and tells me how he has nothing for himself and hardly sees his kids. Just sad. He has a bad back and works hard labor 50-90 hrs a week. Once he pays food, gas, groceries, insurance, and bills he is broke. We are living with my parents because he can’t afford an apt. He can’t even afford to fix his vehicle so he drives mine. Just sad.