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OT - Tone-up Tuesday

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What do you do when you're to pooped to move and need energy? Caffeine? 5-hour energy drinks? Electric cattle prod?

Caffeine has NO effect on me. If I'm tired or falling asleep, I need sugar. Please pass the donuts! They're great with hot, black coffee!!

P.S. I've dropped a couple of pounds thanks to "emotional diarrhea". *crazy*


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I'm still going strong with green tea and fresh honey!  Mmmm! I am also thinking about getting some vitamin D.  I think I might be lacking it and heard it could be beneficial in adding more energy.  

Sorry about your emotional pooh!  At least you aren't having the opposite problem like my SD just had - no pooh for 2 weeks!  

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Hey Aniki - I found those pounds you lost!

I have been exercising every day, but those pounds of yours that I found - they came to me in the form of several batches of homemade molasses cookies.

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My mom said that in order for the world to be in equilibrium that when one person loses.. another person must gain.  I curse those in China who are starving..(just kidding)..

I've lost 7 pounds in the last few weeks... my clothes fit just a touch more loosely.. of course not baking cookies


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That 's his  Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy .

And that simply states  neither mass nor energy is recreated nor destroyed  but is a constant.

I noticed this scientific concept  in action  when  applied to ugly belly and butt fat many years ago.

Anytime  friends lost weight I  somehow became  , magically, the recipient.

So I postulated that fat loss  as a result of expended energy  floats around until it can find an accomodating mass .

That's usually my Magnetic  Butt.


Pass me a donut, Aniki.


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I hate caffeine, it makes me feel "wired" so I never drink it.  If I need engery, I try to move around.  Go do some jumping jacks, go for a quick walk, go get some fresh air etc.  I find that once I start "doing" I get motivated and continue "doing"

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Allergies are making me feel groggy. I need some Allegra.

Sugar works to perk me up, but only briefly - then the sugar coma hits. Caffeine usually does the trick in the AM - I avoid it after 3pm or it will mess with my sleep. Exercise will usually give me more energy, too.

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If I'm really tired, nothing too much really helps.  I do start my day with Shakeology and a red bull.  Yeah.. I know.. healthy and toxic all in one  But, my philosophy is do what works for you.. and that works to start my day with a jolt.  Then all day it's ruby red spritzer (one small bottle of ruby red split up with 4 bottles of soda water in my tervis tumbler with mermaids on it). 

Actually, it's a bit counter intuitive, but if I'm tired from lack of sleep then moving about makes me feel more alert.  A brisk walk outside.  Now, if I'm tired from working out.. a warm shower then bed is my solution.

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One cup of coffee in the morning helps, but if I attempt to drink coffee for a boost in the afternoon, I still feel tired but on top of it shaky and nauseous.  It has a bad effect on me.

Soda is so bad, but sometimes a can of it does help.  Otherwise I just chug the water and eat a healthy meal (protein).

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I limit my caffeine to just morning coffee. No caffeine the rest of the day. I drink a lot of water. So I am always up and down going to the ladies room. I really don't get tired that much. But I think just getting up and moving around helps.

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coffeecoffeecoffee oh..did I mention coffee?

Can't do sugar any longer  *sniff* coz it makes me feel like a zombie .And I have to go to bed.


So I deed  to you,Aniki,  all my future donut shares  .

Bismarks are the best..yum.



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If I can't nap I just push through it.  Coffee sometimes will help but only temporary.

Lately I have had neck pain, upper shoulders are sore and tight and a constant ringing in my ears.  It has been about a month.  I'm hoping it is just stress and after the 5th will go away.  It drains me.

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classyNJ! Try some yoga... We sleep on an air mattress right now and between that and stress my neck and back hurt like s*** most days... I try and do yoga a few days a week and it seems to help. I have virtually ZERO pain today Smile

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Shameful to admit but have never done yoga.  Wear the pants but wouldn't even know where to start.  And isn't hard when your belly sticks our farther than your boobs?  I had two bowel surgeries and hernia surgery so my belly is big right now.  Working on it.

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I have a friend who's large who does yoga and she says it works alright Smile But up to you. I just know it SUPER helps my back and neck! 

Also yoga pants are comfy... If I could get away with it that might be basically all I ever wore tbh... LOL

Hope your recovery goes well (and fast) classyNJ!

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Do you poop out at parties ?



sorry..just remembered that old "I Love Lucy "Skit..


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I just began taking B12 pills & looking into B12 shots. So far I've not noticed anything but a headache..yay