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OT Fur baby prayers needed

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SO had to take poochy to the vet last night.  He started to "piddle" around the house even after being outside.  The last time he was out we noticed his leg was lifted but nothing coming out.

Poor guy is filled with kidney stones.  They are operating this morning to remove the stones, remove his gahoonas and cut his urethra so if they come back he can pass them easily.

Waiting anxiously. 




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Sending so many fur baby prayers your way!!! Please keep us updated!!!

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Thanks everyone!  He just got out and all went fine.  She said it was a very small incision and if he doesn't lick at it today no cone.  LOL.  

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Awww poor little thing. Happy to hear surgery went well. Its just awful when our animals are ill.


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Poor lil guy!  Glad to hear he is out and back home.  Hoping for a quick and smooth recovery.  I hate it when they are sick Sad

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Hey, classy,

A sick furbaby is so stressful! I'm glad that I logged on to your post after your little fella' was home and recovering. The worst is over, Hon; he'll be fine!


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Oh no...i had a Dalmatian that had to have his urethra rerouted since he formed stones because he couldn't process the primes in meats...2k surgery. After surgery we had no more issues