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BM keeping up with the Jones

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BM bought SS15 an iphone 5. Why? Not because SS15 wanted it but because BM thought he would take care better of an iphone 5 and remember to carry it at all times. Trnaslation - BM thought SS15's current cell wasn't cool enough.

SS15 has lost his cellphone so many times DH and I have given up counting. He also leaves it at home more than he remembers to bring it with him. This cell has been through the washer twice – and survived – don’t know if the iphone will as good of a track record.

BTW – SS15 called DH yesterday freaking out because he had used up most of his Internet minutes (SS15 got the iphone a week ago). DH is waiting for a call from BM screaming about a $400 bill for SS15’s iphone – DH just wants to say “not my problem”



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Ugh SD16 wants an iphone 5. She loses and breaks every thing she owns. DH said no and he doesn't want to pay for an unlimited contract (we have Sprint and you have to have unlimited with a smart phone)

I'm sure he will give in for Christmas and get her one! It won't last a month. I will definitely say told you so!!

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OMG! When SD14 was asked what she wants for christmas this year - know what she said? "a phone like yours daddyyyyyy" FYI - we just got the brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII phones and they're $600 each!

He looked at her and said "HA HA NOOOOOOOO!!! Not from me anyway!"

Stupid brat is lucky she's getting ANYTHING at all after treating us the way she has!