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That's all Cuntzilla cares about, does she really think she is entilted to all of it. So if BF makes 500 she should get 480? Maybe he should go back to selling drugs so you can have everything you want, maybe he should throw away a year and half of sobritey so she can by some ugg boots or a new coach purse. Lets not forget she pays NO RENT, NO UTILITIES, NO CABLE TV. Fucking insane she can't stand being around her kids dumps them off at his Moms on the weekends that they aren't with him, pays no attention to them, doesn't dicipline them but wants that almighty dollar. Do you think BF opens his mouth and say any of this? NOPE!!! I love him but this bitch needs to go! Really just give him the kids, because all they are to you is an extra paycheck and a tax write off!! So done! I will be dipped in shit if my paycheck is going to pick up his slack, you live here you share the expenses, I've carried you long enough, stuck by you while you got sober, I didn't bail like she did!!

HUH just needed to vent. God I want to knock her teeth out!


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Yes they are entitled to it. I'm not sure how but the courts seem to think these women are.
Good luck! Dh paid support on a kid that had moved out of BMs was 20, and the kid had been working full time. Yeah we are bitter.

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Sounds like we have the same BM.

But instead of boots or a purse it's drugs, alcohol, and tanning. She doesn't drop them off at SO's mom's either but at her mom's. Seriously though, everything else is the SAME. No rent, utilities, nothing.

Hope she chokes. Smile