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Dig a hole....

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I do not hate or dislike my Skids but...I dislike their BM.
She has entitlement issues and thinks I am a dumb kid (we aren't too far apart in age but I look young and she looks haggard)but I guess diet pills, recreational drugs and alcohol do that to people.

She really hasn't ever spoken to me very much---and I am OK with that. She can think what she wants...but even her own father told my SO "Your gf really has her head on straight"

My SS is a mini version of BM but my 2 SD's are pretty good.

My SD's about understanding "No" or "We can not afford that right now" or any other reason they aren't getting everything they want. The BM and her son both go into a rage if you tell them "No"

The BMs parents adopted her and they are kinda well off. Her mother spoils her like she is a kid. She has been paying her bills also. BMs mom also spoils the skids too. All 3 skids tell me "We like going with Grandma because she is always taking us out and buying us stuff."

I guess some people never learn you can not buy love.....

(by the way..Grandma was capable of having biological children,,she is just so nutty she was "scared" to get pregnant and give birth because the pain) I laughed the first time I heard this..until the Nutty oldlady told me herself one day. can we say Kukooooooo?!!!!!?!!!!? She also is afraid of knives...she refuses to let the skids use even a butterknife. Her daugher (the BM) never did dishes so she wouldn't break something and get cut on glass or a knife. She never mopped because she could slip on the wet floor. OK--OK--I think we got the point that BM was a princess.

BMs dad does not talk to BM but he does see the skids and he comes over to our house for dinner sometimes. He is still married to his wife but they live like room mates. (Both are in their 70s)

One thing BM's parents and siblings do NOT agree with is the Felon/Addict/Woman Beating/Wall punching/Drunk Boyfriend/Fiance that BM has. They talk badly about him often and BMs mom keeps begging her to leave him.

All My SO and I can do is pray the kids are safe. We also write down and keep tabs on anything odd we see or hear from the kids. I may start taking pictures too if that has to happen.


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My dad and stepmom raised my brother (I was up and out when they got married) the way your SD is being raised. He is 28 years old and incapable of wiping his own ass and standing on his two feet. SM still pays his vehicle insurance. He is $15K behind on CS for his kid, who turns 5 this year and starts Kindergarten. My brother hasn't seen the kid in years because he is a junkie. Dad still buys him cigs, feeds him, and lets him sleep on their couch when he is in between meth binges or on the outs with his junkie friends. Dad fills his truck up with gas and gives him "pocket money" which he promptly smokes up in a glass pipe. He has about 10 teeth left in his entire head, and can barely eat, but goes to the bar every night and does drugs. Then he texts his baby-mama furiously all day and berates her for not letting him see The Boy, although she is doing a stellar job raising the kid (he's mannerly and sweet, always smiling, and smart as a whip).

I was just bitching the other day about how he had had all the tools to succeed but became a junkie like our junkie mother, who died of cancer caused by pumping her body full of who knows what for several decades. I had NOTHING. No help. I was completely on my own. Never had a single thing that I didn't work my ass off for. And I am not a gutter rat junkie loser. I have it on the ball and I always have. DH reminded me that handing my brother everything in life didn't give him the tools to do anything but stand there with his thumb in his ass and his hand out. The BM and grandma aren't doing your SD any favors.