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VD Going to the School Dance/Party Only for Achieving at least a "C"??!!

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And her average is a low F. Looks like the Behemoth will be twisting a few administrators arms so that VD can get to go to the School Dance known as the "lock in" which is SUPPOSED to be rewarding kids who make at least a C average.

According to FB she's going; nice free ranging, Behemoth!!!

Stay tuned. . .

UN-friggin' REAL!!


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If you don't like her posts then why not skip over them? Somehow you feel the need that you HAVE to tell her she is wrong???

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Well glad to hear you have a supportive DH. Good for you not to have to look over your shoulder for the next impending disaster!

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I think its counterproductive for you to keep commenting. Its obvious you don't like the OP, just get over it and read other blogs.

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Wow EVERY time? Check your posts. I'm sure given the total number of comments you have made (i'm sure way more than i have ever read) compared to the number I've actually commented on. I'm pretty sure its under 5%. Just a guess though since I don't track your comments.

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@BMof6: sorry you feel that way. You're obviously a functioning psycho BM-apoligista. There are other more well fitting support sites for you. Try googling stepmomstation.

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Very accurate and as I've come to a conclusion over this weekend, not only is GG a uber guilty daddy and BM apologist, he's a high functioning alcoholic as well. Nothing he says will EVER make any sense about family issues.

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Along the same lines as - free ranging - My SS12 has asked his father for an IPod touch. He is failing three classes this semester and his father is still planning to get it for him. Um - where's the life lesson in that?! Continue to act like a jerk at school and I'll buy you a present for $300?!! What was wrong with my parents?!! They only rewarded me when I was well behaved and tried in school?!! Strange. Wink

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Yes how STRANGE we were raised. And how STRANGE I raised my children as well. No wonder we are all STRANGELY successful in life as adults!!

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I find it odd they have a school dance for getting Cs. So passing with average grades is something to be rewarded? Granted, they don't want the lower performing students to go to the dance but isn't it sending the wrong message?

What do you get if you manage an A or B average?

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DH rewards SS7 when he's a tool at school too. I told DH that's why we keep getting called in for parent teacher conferences, the last one had to include the principal. DH just says, He's not THAT bad. Really, DH? Is that why his TEACHER called him manipulative, disrespectful and flippant? Dumb ass. Get a clue!!

Sorry, I'm getting all riled up.

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I hear you Auteur. DH does the same thing with his precious child. Rewarding your child for bad behavior is a bad idea.

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My DH bought his 3 yr old a frikkin DS... like really?? he is 3... oh and the SD5 had one at 4... and when we get them they ask to go to walmart for a new toy.. and guess who gives in.. yep DH. what kind of message is this sending? in my opinion its that you dont have to woek for anything.. Cant wait until they get older and realize that this isnt how life works.. sorry if thats harsh.. but when i was growing up I had to earn what i had.