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SO Said No!

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SS14 is at BM's this week. Of course he still has to call several times a day to invade our home. Last night he called 6 times in a row, while we were eating dinner. SO didn't answer, so both house and cell were ringing the entire time we ate.

After dinner and a smoke outside, he called him back to see what he wanted (because he NEVER leaves a message). Skid wanted him to leave a house key under the door mat for him. Said he was going to have BM drop him at our house in the morning on her way to work, so that he could take the bus here to school. SO asked, "What's wrong with the bus from BM's house?" He gives him some lame story about that bus always being late to school, so that he ends up being shut out of the locker room and not being able to dress out for 1st period PE.

Yeah, right! Sounds to me like someone's not been participating in PE and is now making excuses for it. But whatever the reason, no way to I want to leave a housekey outside and let him have access to our house when he should be at his mother's! Nor do I want him there while I'm still home and getting ready for work. I relish having him gone every other week so that I can get ready for work in an empty house.

Amazingly enough, SO said NO. I was shocked, but incredibly proud of him Biggrin


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BM doesn't give a rat's ass what happens at school. Odd, considering she's a teacher, herself. SO checks on his status through the school's website. My guess is that SS14 knows something's going to show up there, so he's covering his ass. Could also just be that he has more friends on our bus. I'm curious to see if SO follows up to check on his attendance for first period, or inquires about the bus.

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Oh, these kids have been testing their boundaries for years. I'm all too familiar, trust me Wink

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SO just sent me an email saying he just got finished checking the school. He doesn't have any tardies in first period PE, and it getting an A to boot. No issues with that particular bus being late, either.

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Sounds like a lame effort for SS and BM to get a key to your house. Good on your SO for saying no!