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More drama

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So my wife and I took our anniversary to Jamaica. What's great about being in a foreign country is that it costs too much to use our cellphones, so we got to turn them off all week, which meant no stupid calls from the SKIDS. So when we landed back in the US, of course there were messages waiting for her, one of them somebody trying to call collect from jail.

Turns out while we were gone, SD21 (who lives with us) and SD24 (she was there to watch SD21's son while she went to work) got into a fight, SD24 punched SD21 and went to jail. Of course this is SD21's version of the story, and in reality SD21 pushed SD24 before she got punched, and there was lots of other stuff that SD21 was doing (being her usually bratty self) that led up the fight.

I swear, we hadn't even made it home yet since we were waiting on our connecting flight and I could already feel my stress level rising again. I am so sick of there always being some stupid crap that happens when it comes to my SKIDS. This is the 2nd time the cops have been to our house because of SKIDS and we have only lived in the house for 8 months. I told my wife that the next incident, I don't care how little it is....SD21 is getting kicked out. This is the 2nd time there has been a physical fight in our house, each time with a different SD, but both times SD21 has been involved. I'm honestly about ready to pack up all of my shit and move to some little foreign country where no one can find me. Just had to vent.....


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How charming... and they did all of this in front of SD21s son?? there would be no second chances if it were my house... they'd both be gone or I would. Ugh, sorry FrsutratedSD, at least you had a nice vacation!

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Yeah, I would thnk after #2 its time for SD21 to move on. Actually they both should.

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Yeah luckily SD24 doesn't live with us, although I know she was planning on asking me when we got back from Jamaica. This #2 only when it comes to police coming to our house, we are actually on SD21's like 6th or 7th chance when it comes to there being incidents. To be honest she hasn't been kicked out yet because I have honestly been afraid of losing my marriage over it, and she has my wife wrapped around her finger. SD21 could piss in a glass and call it lemonade, and my wife would believe her.

In a strange way, I'm not as pissed as I normally would be. When we got back home, I told my wife to deal with it herself because I didn't want to get so stressed out after having a relaxing vacation. Also since I said if there's another incident she will be kicked out, I'm not really worried about it because I know she will do something to fuck up in the next few months and I'll be kicking her out. It's just a matter of time and at this point my wife will not be able to come up with some bullshit reason as for why she should stay.

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Yep, not only did the fight occur in front of SD21's 2 yr old son, SD24's 4 year old daughter was there too. Because kids were present, it means that DHS (Dept of Human Services) was called as well, and SD21 has an appointment with them to talk about what happened. In reality BOTH of them should have gone to jail (and I wish it would've happened) since it turns out SD21 actually threw a punch as well. I'm just sick of there ALWAYS being drama.

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low class behavior. Yeah, hopefully the last straw for you and DW will come soon. They should both be gone.

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I agree too no chances! She should be gone! She is old enough to take care of herself! I was a single mom with 2 kids at that age and I had my own place and took care of my business! I didn't have a car but I didn't expect anyone to buy me one either. My gma did get me a bike and I rode that thing EVERYWHERE! If I couldn't ride the bike I did what I had to to get to a bus. (disclaimer the buses are only for the college here but we can use them to get around the town just not outside this town and it is very limited, however I lived 2 towns away from that town so I had to find a way to that town). I would also like to say that I live in a VERY small town that you HAVE to go to the big town to do anything.

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I can't believe these are ADULTS that you blog about. Every time I read your posts I am floored that you are speaking of grown women doing these things. I don't know how you don't just change your locks and close your shades.

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My thoughts on your wife and you....
Right now you are the buffer or the 'bad guy'. You are there for her to feel safe with. If nothing else she has you to fall back on. And when push comes to shoving those girls out of your house for the last time your wife can tell them you MADE her and she will move out rather than let HER daughter/s be homeless.

And I can guarantee your wife will be back inside 2 months because once again she will be on her own and realise it isn't YOUR fault the girls fight and it isn't YOUR fault they cannot hold down jobs or need to party all the time because they are so stressed and upest from your percieved attitude. This is HER problem and it will remian her problem. She will get sick of dealing with the daily fallout from these Kardashian wannabes.

You did the right thing by telling her to deal with it and not letting it get to you. She can dela with ehr own children. But when they cross the line THEN you make the call to throw them out.

I know losing your wife is what you don't want. But then after 2 weeks away without the drama I think she is realising how nice life with you can be without her dramaprincesses. Losing you is not what she wants either. She will grandstand to get her own way and her grandson protected but in the end when you show her you mean to have a drama free life she will come back.

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Yes, she has FINALLY come around after realizing how nice it was to be in a place where it was just the two of us, with NO phone calls about stupid shit the SKIDS could take care of themselves. I think I FINALLY have her full attention and support. If I end up kicking out SD21 and the wife wants to move out too, so be it. I have put up with this shit for about 4 years and I have bent over backwards out of my love for her. Her kids are just out of control, and I am not going to enable them.

She won't be able to use the grandkid as an excuse for letting SD21 stay either, because I have even said that the grandkid can live with us if needed. Even my mother-in-law wonders how I put up with everything. It is completely ridiculous that grown ass adults act like they're 12 years old.

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It is crazy, that you are talking about grown up women, with children of their own......are you scared about how the gkids will turn out ??? Also, do your Sds have their own partners?? Just wondered if they are involved in all of this too...... Nice present to come back home to...... Sigh......

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Only one of my SD's is married, and of course she is the one who causes the least drama and is a good mother. The rest of them, God help their kids. SD26 has three kids, well four if you count the one she gave away to adoption. All of her kids have different fathers. Her two oldest kids, she gave custody to the other grandparents because she couldn't take care of them, and it was supposed to be for only 6 months. That was three years ago, and she barely sees her kids. She'll tell everybody she wants to get them back, but doesn't pay a dime of child support for them and does NOTHING for them. She's too busy partying and having a good time to concern herself with being a mom. Her youngest child pretty much lives with the child's father fulltime, so she once again has no responsibilities. She also did not graduate from high shcool and doesn't have a GED.

SD24 (one who got into a fight) lost custody of her daughter because of choices she makes in life and in who she dates. She decided that dating a registered sex offender was more important than having custody, so the dad has custody. Her dad isn't much better because he's a lowlife loser. Neither has their GED.

Yes, I hate to say it, but these are gonna be some messed up grandkids when they get older, because their parents would rather party and do drugs than be responsible.