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her story, his story

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On a lighter note.
So we're driving home and hubby is barely talking to me. I try and make conversation and all I get is : " Hmm. Yup. Nope." and the like. I start wondering if it's about an argument we had last week, if he's upset about that again. Then we get home and I make us a nice dinner and set the table and all, but he just grabs his plate and brings it to the TV. Maybe he is just avoiding me. Maybe I talked too much in the car and he needs a break. I sit with him and watch the game and I it's as if I am not even there. When the game is over he just gets up and goes to bed. I was hoping he would want to hang out with me, but I guess he doesn't . I go to bed too and initiate some cuddling. After a while he catches on and we make love. As soon as it's over he turns around and goes to sleep. Is he not attracted to me any more? Did he notice the 7 pounds I put on? Is there someone else he is attracted to?
Maybe the new accountant the company hired is some young pretty thing . Maybe he wants to leave me........

Hard day at work; Giants lost BUT...I got laid!