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What is the best way to tell SD8 about being pregnant

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Anyone got any good ideas of how to break the news to an 8year old little girl that she is going to be a big sister? Just a bit of background - she is a very emotional, whiny little girl whose mother is not normal (think that's the nicest way of saying that). Worry about what effect the BM is going to have on her response to the news. SD8 is very clingy too, not sure what the best approach would be.


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Thanks! We are planning on telling her tomorrow night when she comes to stay & letting the BM know too, so that she can have 24hours to freak out before SD goes home. I'm more worried about the BM being negative about it and totally spoiling it for SD. Like I said, she's a very demanding little girl so the potential for disaster is definately there. I'm very intolerant at the moment with her so may not respond too well that.

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My two ss's 7 & 8 were happy when they found out I was having a baby.....then when they found out I was having another one, they was like another one! But when they come over they play with both of them and give them cute little names.....but I found it odd that this past weekend that they asked for the full name of the baby? why would a 8 and 9 year old little boy want to know a childs full name? Am I over reacting? I was thinking it had something to do with BM.... I told the sk's my sons first and last name, and that was not good enought he kept asking " NO ...his full name" and DH said I think he means his middle name, I knew exactly what he meant, I just did not want too! Anyway i told him

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To avoid all drama, don't tell her and when the infant arrives, say it's a special gift from the BM that she wanted you and DH to take care of.

That's pretty much the ONLY way to avoid the scenario(s) as described by Step Aside.