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I do not think I have been this happy since my 3yo was born (and immediately ruined by BM who conveniently filed custody papers for us to receive while I was in hospital). SD18 tomorrow is completely packed and moving out tomorrow, I hope never to return to our house. No more drama, no more manipulation, NO MORE BM!!!!!! SD seriously has some issues, and definitely been PAS'ed to the point that EVERYTHING is DH fault by her passive aggressive BM, passive aggressive BF and passive aggressive BF mom that she is so unbearable.

I pray she will graduate, but it does not look good. She is destined to have a hard road ahead, by her own choice, though DH and I have tried over and over to help her to be the best. OH well.

On the other side, BS16 is headed to Raleigh, NC to be a Page in the State Senate next week. BS likes school, is as excited as I am, and really the biggest issue I have with him is getting him to clean his room---I think the sass and disrespect will be better for him without his step-sister around. YEAH YEAH YEAH. He even has been developing a good relationship w/DH in past 6 months. I feel like Autuer and perfectson when it comes to him.


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Yep. I have been on a high all day! She is not here tonight either, so makes it that much better. And fortunately, DH knows the truth about her, is not going to support her really bad decision making there and said, the door is open, but we will still have rules in OUR house, not your house at all---it has been your home, but it is OURS. So OUR way or the highway should you come back needing a place. Man, I love that man

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I'm terrified that BM will pull something the day DS arrives. She's just the type, too. How did you deal with that having just given birth?

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It was very tough. DH was livid. BM has done all kinds of things to be "involved" and make things about her (or at least try to). The stories-----we just kept on going and when I got home I helped DH get together the "response" that we had to send to her attorney as they were asking for EVERYTHING to go through. It all worked out in end. And now I can remove BM from our Email/phone/anything!!!!!!

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I am thrilled for you honey - I can only imagine the joy when our last child support check goes out!!!

You lucky duck - I hope you have a great time celebrating!! and find a new peace in your life. Hugs!!