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In need of some ADVICE

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In need of some advice to deal with BM..BM alwasy sends e mail to BF regarding SS nothing urgent and to top it off she will cc her attorney on some of it not all of it. Should he respond to her e-mails. I.E she wants to come to our house and see SS room when I am not around and lets keep in mind she is always saying that he intimdates her and bullies her yet she wants to come inside our home when she perfectly knows I am at work and he is alone. WTF!!! BF did not respond to this e mail and it was cc to her atty I know why she does it but should he even respond? :?


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DO NOT LET HER INTO YOUR HOME ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE NOT THERE!!! It is not necessary for her to see your home. If she wants to see SS's room do what I did and take pictures - send them via email and be done with it.

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you could send pics if you wanted to be nice. You do not have to.

Dont pay attention to who she sends a copy too.

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There isn't any reason why she should go into your home whether you are home or working. Sounds like she is just trying to be nosy and may even be trying to pull some sort of scam with you guys. I would have DH reply back to her that there isn't any reason for her to see SS's bedroom. That he (DH) would not be comfortable having her (BM) in your home. Then that's when he should offer to take pics and email them to her. But make it clear she isn't welcome in your home.

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Luv the pics of the room idea. No way would I allow BM in my home ever! HOWEVER, since she is just being spiteful by copying her attorney...I would reply to each and every single e-mail even if it's with an "ok" and copy her attorney just to rack up her attorney bill. She must not know how costly her being spiteful is going to be until she gets the bill. }:) Just sayin....