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Crazy is Crazy, I always say.

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BPD BM sends lovely email about SD16 3/4 and her long visitation this WE. Demands DH to make sure SD has everything she needs for the WE. WHAT? This SD has been doing changeover's for over 10 years now. This SD packs herself everytime, for over past 5 years. This SD is not a child anymore---how IDIOTIC is this? But, of course, this is coming from a 40yr old woman who still calls her Parents Mommy and Daddy, and those same BGP REFUSE to let SD's pack for any summer trips for themselves. PLEASE!!!!.

DH tells BM that SD is capable to do this, as she is almost 17yo. BM response---DUh, I was pregnant w/her---actually I am surprised she remembers that, as she was constantly drugged up all during the 80's and early 90's.


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I know it must look redundant and pointless, but maybe BM is just trying to feel like she has a say in something. Something trivial and not a big concern, something that might just make her feel like she's taking care of her child by paying attention.

If she's sober now, maybe she's trying to make it up to herself a little.. heheh.

This need not frustrate you, Prayer. Let it just..float away *flutter, flutter*. There...*points to the sky*'s gone Smile

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We used to try to give BM benefit of doubt on this stuff, but unfortunately, after all this time, we know she is trying to find something to file CONTEMPT charges on DH for. I have lost count on how many times she has filed contempt charges, I guess to make her feel like a better person/parent/or something.

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Prayerhelps, we too are going thru the same motions here and that is with me pregnant.

3 trys at contempt (for no reason other than spite and a free gov. attorney) towrds DH and she is trying to do something again, now....(yeah)

I can't figure out if she is just a total moron or wants her butt kicked. If her crap causes me or this baby harm, she is toast. trust me.

Stupid is what stupid does.......

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Oh girl, I feel for you, and completely understand. Once when I was pregnant, BM stalked my house when DH was OOT. With another pregnancy, BM filed cusody motions THE DAY I was due, so they showed up in mail while I was in hospital. I would say STUPID IS STUPID DOES, but his woman is down right CRAZY and conniving

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prayerhelps (it does btw) did you say she filed custody motions on your due date? I would have seriously thought about killing somebody.

Stupid does is right and I think this EX is just nutso too but nobody else seems to "notice" it. BM started showing her ass after ss5 told her I was pregnant. Coincidence? Nope.

She is soooooooo jealous of our marriage and the fact that MY pregnancy was not a trick/ accident. Taking jabs at innocent babies though is NUTS. Agreed.

( I love Yoda btw) he is all over my home. Wink

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Yes, on my due date. We actually got papers day I gave birth (I am always a day or two after my DD) and got to read them that night. It waS pretty ugly.

And YODA is the zenmaster. In honor of my BS15 who is an avid Star Wars fan, reads all the books.

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Ahhh, the BM and the packing issue. This really pisses me off but not quite for the same reasons that you are frustrated. My SD is 10 so she does need supervision while she is packing. The thing that pisses me off is that SD lives with us full time in California, her mother lives in London, VERY different climates, right. Her mother pays 0 in child support and then she has the gall to send me a list of things that she expects me to buy and pack with SD to take to London for her winter visit. Will SD need warmer clothes than we are used to buying for our California weather? Sure. Can her mother buy them and have them ready for her when she arrives in London? absolutely. I'm half tempted to pack nothing but bathing suits and shorts just to force her to buy EVERYTHING herself.

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Wow, that would be frustrating. I don't know that I would go to extreme, but I would just send warmer clothes she already has---and send coat if she has one that still fits, anything else let BM get.

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I know, I have to be the grown up. Those are just the evil thoughts that I entertain while I am ferreting out last year's long johns }:)