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I am SO jealous of some of you!!!!

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You know what? I have NO nicknames for my family members.

So you know what? I'd like to hear suggestions from you guys as to what members of my family should be called, INCLUDING ME (LOL).

My posts could be more funny (even while tragic, heh) if I had some awesome nicknames. I am convinced of this.

1. SD(17 this month) guys know her (or *can* know her; read my blogs, heh). Semi-cute (if she'd bathe correctly or brush teeth), only interested in Beatles or the show "Friends"; NEVER talks about anything else. In fact, only asks questions about shit she already knows and pretends it's a conversation. I am not kidding or exaggerating at all about this. Loves trying to get sexual attention on the net from guys she doesn't know. Then denies it, gets grounded, does it again (rinse, repeat).
2. Oldest Bio son (17) is mine and ex hub's: total nerd (uber smart), over 6 ft tall, into Ayn Rand and things of that nature (oh, and loves protests), atheist, twisted sense of humor, has OCD, high-functioning autistic, handsome as hell, graduated from HS @ 16, still doesn't know what he'll do...but takes college classes at home for now.
3. Youngest Bio son (14) is mine and ex hub's: total rocker kid, bi-colored hair, student cousel president, twisted sense of humor, has slight OCD, friendly, social as all get-out, family-oriented, and girl crazy (just a bit, heh).
4. DH: Good man, quiet, earns good money at a job he wishes were music-involved but isn't. Good sense of humor, patient, kind, giving. Only bad side is a slight blindess to his daughter's bullsH*t, but that's getting less and less as time goes by.
5. Me: Early 30's (hahaha, that's right, I'm southern and lie about age lol), kinda nuts, too much like Lucille Ball, stressy, silly, a bit too blunt, and a lot neurotic (sp?).

OK...even if the names don't stick...I'd love to hear your ideas for nick names!

YAY! Go forth and name us all. This could be fun (or insulting at times, but that could ALSO be hilarious, lol)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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SD17 - Dungbeatle, Poserdiva
BS17 - GQ, Randrod
BS14 - Punky

I'll keep thinking on this.

Love me or hate me, I'm still gonna shine!!!

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SD17- DB (dirtball)or BO (body odor)
BS17- BG (bill gates...and lets hope the money rolls in when he gets a job after college! LOL! Or Doogie since he graduated early and sounds like a pretty smart kid.
BS14- Johnny Rotten
DH- Ward
You- June

Don't take offense to the nicknames for you and DH. That was the best I could come up

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Oh, I like Doogie!!


Love me or hate me, I'm still gonna shine!!!

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I vote for the Ward & June!!

Let's see, SD17: "Shampoo" (the Lather, rinse repeat comment reminded me of the words Shampoo!)


YBS: "RockJock"

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