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Hi everyone!!! Im back and now an official MRS!!!

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Jamaica was great, the wedding was beautiful!! Looks like i have some catching up to do with reading! oh yeah, and an update, because BM has completely flipped out!

anyways, i will be creating a facebook sometime in the next week and posting pictures! cant wait to meet some of you members there!!


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Welcome Back! I"m so glad you had a great time! I hope to see pics on FB!! Smile

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awesome Smile id like to see the pics...cant believe bm flipped out over yall getting married??? looool i love it!! thats a good accomplished feeling...payback is a bitch !

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Sounds like it was fabulous and good for you!

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Glad you had a great wedding & got to enjoy Jamaica! I can't wait to get back down there! I wanna see the pics, but I don't have a facebook account - I'm on myspace

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i do the same thing sometimes, or ill be talking to someone and instead of referring to the bm by her name ill call her BM and people are like huh? what are you talking about.

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Glad it went great and sorry you had to come back to a psycho! LOL!! Biggrin Jamaica really is an amazing place!!

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Somewhere I've always wanted to go..

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Congratulations - you are legal now!!! LOL Please do tell us how BM celebrated Wink

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