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Stepkids and guilt

Terryific478's picture

Wow, I'm continually amazed at how these stepkids like to play guilt trips on the stepmoms. This is the second year in a row, my other stepdaughter has layed a guilt trip on me about not calling her/remembering her birthday. Now mind you, it wasn't her birthday until today. She told someone else this 1 day ago, again. Then she lays on the comment "I bet she wouldn't forget her own daughters?" Oh, man. Now, I don't even want to call her at all. Let me say, I only have so much energy to go around and to waste it on the nonsense...She just never stops.

Stepchildren run wild

Terryific478's picture

Ok, I'm still figuring out how to post on here. Anyway, I hope someone reads this and lets me know. I have had it! My stepkids are ruling the roost again. My stepdaughter is just plain abusive and evil. She makes comments about me to her boyfriend on the phone when I talk to the other kids. She grips about not getting potatoe chips for lunch. She is 18 and has a job. She was totally defiant yesterday, when I told her to give up the phone. Turning it into a complete battle ground and standing in front of the phone jack, then grabbing the phone out of my hand.

Another day Another day of step daughter running the house

Jill Hall's picture

My step daughter is an only child on her dad's side of the family and an only grandchild. She lives with us b/c Mom can't control her. She cries constantly when she doesn't get her way. She has no way of working things out. My husband and she have a very odd relationship in that she is his best friend and he tells her everything, or at least he used to.


Carey's picture

OK, I need help! My future stepdaughter, who is 14 spent the weekend here and she continually tried to bait me to get something going. Finally this morning she did. And when I reacted she demanded to go home, which was fine with me. But she did cause a fight between her father and me. I'm too old for this stuff, and when I told her that she couldn't use the "F" word in my house she informed she go do as she liked because it was her father's house and he paid the bills!! How do other's deal with this stuff.