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Marking Time

Sweetie's picture

Well, I have been marking time. It's just a few days away from my birthday and anniversary which are purposefully, both on the same day, the 3rd, so my husband, can't screw them up. Smile I was reading the comments in the posts about wills and stepchildren, and interests, and such. First, I will just say, you need to do whatever fits your own comfort zone.

I need to get to a lawyer..

cornflower's picture

DH and I have been discussing wills. As we are trying to have children, I want to leave my estate to my children, but HE wants me to split it equally between our kids and his two kids. I don’t think this is fair because then the older two will be 'double dipping' as they will also inherit from their Mother, whereas my/our children will only inherit from ME.

The Calm Before the Storm

smcpaw's picture

It has been pretty smooth sailing lately (shh, I'll jinx myself). We still have not had my boyfriend's daughter since the last explosion with biomom, my boyfriend, his daughter, and me throwing my 2 cents in. My boyfriend's daughter finally called her dad on Monday and left a message (not really sure why). He called her back while I ran out and he said she was really friendly, so I feel a little better that the lines between them are opening, although I don't think they have discussed any of the real issues yet (her unacceptable defiance and disrepect when in our home).

Re-Channeling my Anger into Something Positive

Sweetie's picture

Sometimes I think that it's really hard for women to get men to understand that they are from a completely different planet. My husband took a situation in which I was having a bad day and for some reason could not figure out how to step in as a friend would normally do, and ask, what do you need me to do for you? For the life of me, I just can't understand, how he can't figure it out. So, I do find it very challenging not to completely lose my temper with him because I have been at home with 3 dogs and painted part of a fence and then come back into the house.

help me!

228miner's picture

Well here is the story. My fiance wants to move his daughter (14) in with us. My daughter (12) and his do not get along. She hasn't lived with him for seven years. She lives with her so called mother that puts boyfriends before her childs care. Spends all the child support we pay out over 100 a week on herself. The kid looks like a bum. Although I feel sorry for her I myself find it hard to be around her because she has this attitude and I don't wnat to be a party to it in my home. The hosue is mine , my name and all but I love him dearly.