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Calling on punishment pulled the wool over mom's eyes...

Candice's picture

Okay, ss lives with us 50%. It was his mother's weekend last weekend, and she had been discussing sending ss to Seattle area (4.5 hours from us) to visit Grandma during sometime of the Christmas break. We said no big deal, we just want to make sure we have him New Year's Eve weekend b/c for our family Christmas present we are going snowboarding and we want to take ss. We were thinking that he would go to Grandma's after Christmas for a couple of days and return for the following weekend.

this is it w/biomom...ruining our xmas

happy mom's picture

Biomom won again this year in keeping SS w/her this holiday. We are splitting xmas eve and xmas day w/her...why so complicated you ask? Every year we have ss for the eve and return him after lunch on xmas day but not this year....she wants him xmas eve so we have him half the day. xmas day he is going to miss lunch w/his grandparents and then on eve day he'll miss dinner w/us.

Worried...we may be going to court soon.

Nymh's picture

BF told me some bad news today. He got another letter from the state board of child support enforcement today. Apparently he may be taken to court soon for contempt over the child support situation. They told him that he may receive a summons in the mail or a deputy may be by soon with papers. I don't understand...we're paying as fast as we can, even paying twice in one month sometimes just to try to catch up. He called the state and they told him that he can try to appeal and get the hearing waived...Ugh. I'm worried. This is so stupid. What do we do now?

Hubby's annual Xmas present to's bad.

lovin-life's picture

Have I told you guys what huuby is getting his EX for Christmas this year.....

A sweater and a dildo.....

If she doesn't like the sweater

.....she can go F%^^ herself..

That's so bad....I know. I listen to this at least 3-4 times a week around this time of year, and then he'll giggle, and giggle...and say "forget the sweater"...and he'll giggle some more....

He's easily times...haha

Games, games, games

sosmomof6's picture

Well, we tried this idea that Janice email BM from our family account instead of my DH's separate email. What happens?...two or three days go by with no word, and we need to know what's going on for Christmas. So he tried his account again. She says "You can't use the other address" (telling him again what he CAN'T do? Hello, Miss Control Freak!)~ saying "it doesn't come through right on my end". I'd like to know exactly how. It just seems like more bull to me. Now I half wonder if she didn't read the thing on here about us using that email to help show her that we're united.

Obtain legal help no matter what

jlmtik164's picture

Thanks everyone for your support and advise. A man contemplating a divorce with a psycho woman should be strongly advised to get a lawyer no matter how dire your financial situation. My BF had experienced court bias right from the start but with his recent court experience where injustice was so blatant, that's when it really hit home. Women who have a BF going through such BS should really support their men coz its whatever affects our men affects everyone. Such ordeals are almost impossible to deal with without other people's support.

I really don't need this crap...on top of the SD crap!

lovin-life's picture

My daughter has been referred to an Orthodontist by her dentist....(Her teeth are very crowded and obviously need to be evaluated)

Apparently during a conversation a few weeks back, she had been told by her father that she WILL NOT be seeing one until next year..he doesn't want to pay any balance not covered by insurance (his portion)

I had to pay out of pocket last August for my son's ortho appointment...and I'm still waiting for my X to process the bill/paperwork through his insurance 1st so I can submit it to my insurance for re-imbursment.

new to here...needing support and ideas

vicomtesse's picture

Hi everyone...seems like I am not the only one in this all-too familiar situation.

My partner has shared custody of his 16 year old son. Although we don't have him overnight all the time, we see him usually 3 days each week. He's an awesome kid and we have come to be really close over the 3 years I have been in his life. The three of us have a blast together!

His ex, who physically assaulted my when I first started dating my boyfriend, is still very negatively emotionally attached and regularly refuses to abide by the coparenting rules.

Ridiculous! Just frickin' ridiculous!

Nymh's picture

Warning: LONG read! Well, visitation was the other day so you know I've got something to vent about. BM called SS on his cell phone, and he told her that he and I were at the house alone and that BF had gone to the store real quick and would be right back. Apparently this is some sort of criminal offense or something because BM went ballistic. Answer me something: is there anything wrong with SS staying with me for a few minutes while BF runs to the store? Well, none of us thought so but BM felt differently.

Here we go again! Does this BS ever end?

Caitlin's picture

My fiance is supposed to go see SD for their weekly dinner tonight. Less than 3 hours before he's supposed to leave, BM calls and changes the plan. SD has her band concert tomorrow night and god forbid he be allowed to see her two nights in a row, so BM said instead of meeting tonight, he could have an early dinner with SD before the concert tomorrow, then they could all go over TOGETHER to the school.

This is wrong on so many levels.

First, changing the plan with just a few hours' notice is just rude and inconsiderate.