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Support over the age of 18?

Terryific478's picture

Well, as most of you know, I have teenage step children. Well, two of them will be turning 18 in a month. This issue does come up as the kids get older! So look out. To make matters even more complicated...let us throw in the bio daughter whom is now 21 years old. Ok, the 18 year old steps think they should not have to contribute, although they are working. I just informed my step daughter, things are a changing around here. She makes $80.00 weekly and blows every cent. Then she still feels we should continue to buy her the basics and plus! Meanwhile, she goes her merry way.

Stepsibs feeding of each other

Terryific478's picture

It never ceases to amaze me. Is it me? Do these kids today talk so disgusting. If anyone, has more than 1 step...You know what I'm talking about. They all feed off each other. Their mouths are garbage. The peverted crap talk...It is sick. Anyway, I got into a fight with my youngest. I told her I wanted her to stay in the other room with me. I didn't want her listening to that crap. My stepdaughter came over for her birthday, I knew how it was going to be..Sure enough, don't they feed off each other. The inappropriate behavior is amazing to me.

I have to laugh...

queen_bethy's picture

So, you've read my posting from my blog at Christmas time. Let me tell you, having my step-son move out was really hard on all of us. He made his decision based upon being pissed that we wouldn't let him do some things and decided that his mom's was the place for him....Because his mom won't make him do what he doesn't want to do. He said some really horrible things to his Father, things that broke his heart. And then moved out. It was a terrible time for my children and for us. But I was a little relieved to not have to deal with the DAILY tantrums, arguements, and attitude problems.

Step sarcasm

Terryific478's picture

Ok, today was a day of sarcasm in the house. Tommorow most of the steps will be here and I'm trying to figure a way to get out of the house. My stepdaughter is celebrating her birthday here..ugh! In the meantime, the kitchen sink broke today and hubby has no energy to do it. My oldest bio daughter has a problem with I don't like her being on it. Alas, she is 21 and informed me of that...geez, these girls. Do they think they are beyond danger these days? Anyhow, for anyone interested. Go to and look up Dateline specials, it was on Friday night.

Stepkids and guilt

Terryific478's picture

Wow, I'm continually amazed at how these stepkids like to play guilt trips on the stepmoms. This is the second year in a row, my other stepdaughter has layed a guilt trip on me about not calling her/remembering her birthday. Now mind you, it wasn't her birthday until today. She told someone else this 1 day ago, again. Then she lays on the comment "I bet she wouldn't forget her own daughters?" Oh, man. Now, I don't even want to call her at all. Let me say, I only have so much energy to go around and to waste it on the nonsense...She just never stops.

Stepchildren run wild

Terryific478's picture

Ok, I'm still figuring out how to post on here. Anyway, I hope someone reads this and lets me know. I have had it! My stepkids are ruling the roost again. My stepdaughter is just plain abusive and evil. She makes comments about me to her boyfriend on the phone when I talk to the other kids. She grips about not getting potatoe chips for lunch. She is 18 and has a job. She was totally defiant yesterday, when I told her to give up the phone. Turning it into a complete battle ground and standing in front of the phone jack, then grabbing the phone out of my hand.

Another day Another day of step daughter running the house

Jill Hall's picture

My step daughter is an only child on her dad's side of the family and an only grandchild. She lives with us b/c Mom can't control her. She cries constantly when she doesn't get her way. She has no way of working things out. My husband and she have a very odd relationship in that she is his best friend and he tells her everything, or at least he used to.