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help me!

228miner's picture

Well here is the story. My fiance wants to move his daughter (14) in with us. My daughter (12) and his do not get along. She hasn't lived with him for seven years. She lives with her so called mother that puts boyfriends before her childs care. Spends all the child support we pay out over 100 a week on herself. The kid looks like a bum. Although I feel sorry for her I myself find it hard to be around her because she has this attitude and I don't wnat to be a party to it in my home. The hosue is mine , my name and all but I love him dearly.

Positive Weekend

smcpaw's picture

Although my boyfriend's daughter still hasn't come over or even called her dad since the last explosion with biomom, I had a better weekend with my own daughter. My boyfriend is becoming more accepting of living with my teenager (I think he feels bad because his daughter doesn't come over). My daughter had been acting out because she was jealous of my time being taken from her because of now living with my boyfriend.

Do kid really grow up at 21 and make decisions or do their biomoms ever leave them alone?

Sweetie's picture

Well, that's a heck of a mouthful....but it really leaves you were are back to this old issue about my stepson. Flipping Snowflake Exwife will never leave stepson alone (who is now in the military) and makes his life hell when he is home to visit. She just can't ever let the subject rest about my husband and myself with my stepson and keeps stirring things up to try and upset him knowing it makes him uncomfortable. So, he still tries to stay in contact but its obvious that something has transpired since his last visit home at Christmas (to his Mom's).

Learning to Identify what Makes me Angry

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I've noticed that in the last few months, that I've been able to isolate events and behaviors of other people that seem to trigger me to lose my temper or composure. It's kind of when I know I am reaching a point where I just can't stay around someone anymore without getting harsh. I think that many people in the roles that we have pretty much have a breaking point, and in some cases, I have gone past the breaking points until I can't go any further. It's like being on a tightrope, and the rope is so tethered and frayed, you are wondering how you can possibly continue to walk on it.

Trying to be Pleasant...even if it kills me

Sweetie's picture

Well, I've had a difficult couple of days and haven't been on line because of some events that have happened at home. Namely, a major crisis and comment made by spouse, in which I was so angry, I could have really slapped him silly. In any event, I have a greyhound puppy that is 17 weeks old, and 2 nights ago, I took him outside around 5 p.m. because my husband didn't want to be bothered him in, so we decided that I would let him run in the fenced yard. That was fine.